Steve Taplin Gives Young Entrepreneurs Valuable Tips on How to Get Funding for Their Project

Veteran Entrepreneur Offers Free Advice to Help New Entrepreneurs Acquire Funding.

Scottsdale, AZ, May 10, 2016 --( Experienced C-level executive and successful entrepreneur Steve Taplin announces his plan to give guidance to Entrepreneurs. Many people have great ideas that either never get started or meet failure early on. It’s a fact that most people have no idea how a company goes from an idea in an entrepreneur’s head into a growing and profitable company. Steve Taplin wants to change all that. He believes that with a just a little bit of knowledge many could turn that idea into a successful and thriving company. “As a serial entrepreneur, I have been through this process many, many times,” says Steve Taplin. I have had some great wins and some that didn’t work out. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is to arm yourself with knowledge, primarily what not to do. Learn from the mistakes of others and never give up!”

Taplin teaches business people, executives, and entrepreneurs how to turn an idea, into a business plan. The infographic below shows an easy to understand summary on how a company gets started, funded and pushed through the growth process.

According to Taplin, as a striving entrepreneur, you need to learn how to approach a mentor, investor, or someone that you believe can help you in the appropriate manner. Here are the key stepshe outlined:

Step 1: Have your elevator pitch down. You get 20-30 seconds to pitch your idea and catch someone’s attention. You need to explain why your idea is unique, what your differentiator is, and how it will make money. May sound easy but it’s harder than you think. If your idea is more complicated or requires lengthy explanation this is going to be difficult. Try to trim it down into the simplest form possible and focus more on the hook. You can explain the details later. Your goal here is just to get them interested.

Step 2: Have your business plan ready. There is nothing worse than impressing someone with your elevator pitch and then having them ask to see your business plan and you don’t have one. Investors think in terms of numbers, and if the numbers work out and are realistic, your chances of getting their buy in, are much greater. Busy executives and entrepreneurs get pitched hundreds of ideas. If you are lucky enough to get their attention, be ready with your business plan.

Step 3: Show gratitude.While this step is often overlooked it has been the difference on many occasions of getting the money or not getting the money. Send a simple card, thanking them for their time. It goes a long way.If they are on the fence, it could be what pushes them over the edge in your favor.

In closing, Taplin stated that being an entrepreneur reminds him of the song by the band Chumbawamba with those catchy lyrics. “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down.” “Most importantly,” said Taplin, “Never give up!”
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