Did I See U Nominated for "Best New European Dating App Award"

Did I See U, a real time dating platform is nominated for “Best New European Dating App Award.”

Matlock, United Kingdom, May 11, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Online dating is an effective part of everyday life for millions of people. In recent years, the rise of mobile apps has made meeting people online easier. Did I See U has 1000’s of users and is now being used in over 100 countries. Did I See U has just been described on datingsitesxo.com as “The next big thing in online dating.” Its red-hot in metropolitan markets across the U.S.

What is The European Dating Awards?

Established in 2014 in the UK, The European Dating Awards are a celebration of excellence and expertise across the entire Dating industry. Its Europe's only awards event, with 400 hand picked entrepreneurs, journalists, websites, events companies and bloggers, to extend our network, exchange knowledge and develop business.

Did I See U has been nominated for the “Best New European Dating App Award” category. This category is only open to Dating Website Apps. The award is judged on functionality, design, visual aspect, ease of use, security, reputation, membership, cost and creativity. Michelle Cafferty says “I feel incredibly honored to have been nominated for such a prestigious award. I am absolutely delighted that we are finally being recognized in the dating industry. I feel like the last four years of hard work are really starting to pay off.” The awards are due to take place in Amsterdam on the 12th May.

What is Did I See U?

Its a real time dating app powered by real life interactions. We meet new people everyday, Did I See U gives you the opportunity to connect with those people, ensuring we never miss a dating opportunity again.

The Concept:

Michelle Cafferty is a founder of Did I See U – Dating App. Her aim is to provide a unique user meet up experience and enhance dating opportunities. Ensuring users never miss a dating opportunity again. Her aim is to bring the romance back to dating.

Did I See U Founder, Michelle Cafferty had spent years listening to friends who regularly use online dating platforms but never manage to find the one. Michelle noticed flaws in the current dating platforms and used these to create Did I See U. Traditional dating has become dated!

Michelle says "I have many friends that regularly use online dating platforms, my friends never have a problem getting the dates but never seem to meet their soulmate. From listening to their stories I have learned that communicating online can adopt intimacy and affection between strangers but it can also lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment."

It appears that there are a lot of time wasters out there, who just enjoy email banter but have no intention of going on a real date. Whether its because the build up of actually meeting that person is too nerve racking or they just simply enjoy the online attention they are getting. Either way its time wasting and money consuming, whilst your paying your monthly subscription fee and getting nowhere fast. Friends have often described going on a first date with someone you have never met before as being as terrifying as a job interview, wheres the fun in that! You also have the issue of turning up to find they look nothing like their profile picture and are not what they had portrayed, again this is just time wasting. Not everyone on dating sites are looking for love, to be honest some just want to get their £35 worth of dates and date the hell out of a 20 mile radius, resulting in serial daters!

The app has the most innovative features out there:

Close Encounter
Overtime you come close to another user in real life, your phone will alert you, presenting you with the profile of the user, showing you on a map where you just had the close encounter. It then gives you the option to connect with them.

Worldwide Radar
Gives you the opportunity to check out other users worldwide. If you're planning a trip over seas or going on holiday and fancy meeting up with other singles whilst you're there, simply type in your chosen country or area and the app will present you with other singles in that area, giving you the opportunity to arrange meeting up prior to your trip.

The radar will show who is in your proximity allowing you to set your miles radius and choose accordingly.

Users Nearby
Lets you see who's nearby. Simply set your miles radius and see who's close by on a thumbnail grid of profile pictures.

Allows you to check in and see who else has checked in or even looked back at who's checked in their weeks ago.

Download Did I See U app at the App Store or Google Play.
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