Australian Software Company Hydrogen Software Launches Professional Webinar Platform, WebinarJEO

Australian software company, Hydrogen Software, launches WebinarJEO, the most complete webinar platform on May 30th, 2016.

Melbourne, Australia, May 13, 2016 --( The 2016 content marketing trends report from Marketing Profs and the Content Marketing Institute has revealed that webinars are considered the second most effective B2B marketing strategy in 2016, but only the 11th most implemented. This implies a considerable amount of underutilized potential, especially when combined with research that shows webinars being the biggest factor in pushing decision makers into making a buying decision faster than other forms of marketing.

Webinars are also lucrative. Former professional football player, Lewis Howes, earned $6,300 in one hour because of a webinar. Mention, a media monitoring company, reportedly made $10,000 in just two hours after their first webinar.

Utilizing webinars and making them a part of a company’s content marketing strategy is an undoubtedly brilliant idea. It combines customer education with leads conversion. It reinforces brand authority. It helps nurture customers wherever they are in the buyer’s journey. No matter the industry or niche, webinars are an effective method of inviting prospects and fostering consumer loyalty.

So why aren’t more marketers launching webinars and reaping the benefits? It’s because of inadequate tools. The available webinar platforms currently out on the market are either inexpensive but mediocre or close to satisfactory but exorbitant.

Fortunately, Australian software company Hydrogen Software recognized this void in the market and developed a top-notch webinar service with both quality and cost in mind. WebinarJEO is the most complete webinar platform available and is created to meet any company’s communication and marketing needs without breaking the bank.

The program allows users to host unlimited webinars so there’s no need to limit how many sessions or events a company needs in order to reach their advertising goals. Events can have unlimited attendees so hosts don’t have to put a cap on how many of their audience they can engage in one session. There are also countless features in the software that can turn any online session into a marketing opportunity.

WebinarJEO uses a live-based system built on Amazon’s scalable s3 technology which promises a seamless audio and visual experience for both hosts and participants. It’s also a perfect collaboration tool with advanced chat, polls, surveys, whiteboard, and screen sharing options.

The benefits from webinars are undeniable and the options for platforms many, but with the launch of WebinarJEO from Hydrogen software on May 30th, the perfect choice for the most complete webinar service is clear.
Hydrogen Software
Walt Bayliss