Jeannette Specialty Glass Celebrates 40 Years in Business in 2016

Founded in the heart of America’s premier glass making region in 1904, Jeannette Specialty Glass (JSG) is celebrating 40 years in business with existing ownership. JSG has been producing glass for over 100 years at the current facility and specializes in the manufacturing of crystal clear borosilicate glass, an engineered glass durable enough to withstand a variety of mechanical, chemical and thermal shocks.

Pittsburgh, PA, May 13, 2016 --( Jeannette, PA has been termed the “Glass City” as once a flourishing city with 7 different glass manufacturers. JSG is the last producing manufacturer in the city. “Things were constantly evolving. To experience how far we have come to when we first began s remarkable,” says Cheryl Smitley, a JSG 38-year veteran and one of multiple generations of families who have worked for the company.

Transitioning from all hand blown work, JSG evolved into a press shop, while significantly expanding labor force and incorporating additional services. Over the years with the onset of industrial lighting production becoming more competitive with the Asia market, JSG was forced to evolve and diversify with new product categories and division expansions which led them to introduce JSG Oceana in 2004.

JSG has been awarded several projects over the years, including the creation of a custom-designed glass lens to be utilized with the light fixtures of the dancing Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. JSG has also created glass products for architectural projects world-wide including monuments, historical buildings and other design applications.

From its humble beginnings, JSG has expanded into three divisions of borosilicate glass products, including industrial lighting, kitchen and bath, and a private label division consisting of branded products sold through various sales channels. The JSG brand continues to evolve with products available locally, nationally and internationally, with continued expansion in over 500 Lowes’ stores with glass sinks and on Amazon with bakeware.

JSG has made the glass for many city lighting projects including one for the lights that line Grand View Avenue on Mt. Washington and in Market Square in Pittsburgh. JSG was proud and honored to accept the Pittsburgh Magazine 2012 Manufacturer of the Year Award.

JSG, a woman-owned business, is proud to be an American manufacturer and celebrate 40 years in a flourishing industrial era with a promising future of continuous growth and contribution to the manufacturing of glass products.
JSG Oceana
Alicia Kauffman