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US Lighting Group Announces a More Affordable Alternative to Their Best Selling BH4 Series LED Bulbs

US Lighting Group has announced the arrival of their GFY LED bulb series; a more affordable alternative to their other 4-foot LED bulb line.

Eastlake, OH, May 13, 2016 --( The ever-growing industry leader, US Lighting Group, is adding another bulb series to their product line this year. The GFY Series is their answer to customer and distributor requests for a more affordable, lower watt LED bulb option. The powerhouse manufacturing company has been working tirelessly to perfect a new series of 4-foot LED light bulbs, one that will allow them to offer the bulbs at a lower, more affordable price while also offering a lower wattage but with the same high standards for efficacy and reliability.

The new GFY Series was created by using cost effective manufacturing and design techniques to create a high-efficiency LED bulb for commercial use that allows for a lower wattage. The two bulb models currently in the GFY series are marked for 12w and 19w respectively, with both maintaining efficacy near the best-selling BH4 series, which is currently the most efficient 4-foot LED bulb on the market. This combination of cost-effective production, high-efficiency, and low output makes GFY bulbs perfect for any business owner who is looking to upgrade their lighting at a lower price.

Retrofitting an office, warehouse, or other commercial space can be expensive, and though the R.O.I for a retrofit is immense, many business owners aren’t ready to make such a large investment yet. US Lighting Group’s GFY Series offers a comprehensive solution to this problem and many others. Whether you’re looking to spend less money on your lighting upgrade or simply need a lower watt bulb in your facility, the USLG GFY Series could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Like all other US Lighting Group products, their GFY LED bulbs are manufactured entirely in the United States with the very best components. Each GFY bulb comes with a 7-year warranty and will soon be available for purchase through any US Lighting Group distributor. If you’d like more information about the GFY Series, head over to the USLG site or contact the company via email, phone, or web form.

You can learn more about US Lighting Group and their new bulb series here:
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