Systena Selects Plasma’s C2M™, an IoT and Digital Enterprise Platform, for Launching IoT End-to-End Solutions in Japan

Systena and Plasma bring new market offerings that allow organizations to rapidly adopt IoT and optimize operations. Real-time insights, data analytics and automation of business processes will be delivered via cloud, in a code-free environment.

Dallas, TX, August 23, 2016 --( Systena Corp (Systena Corporation), a Tokyo-based Information Technology and Services Corporation announced strategic partnership with Plasma, a US-based IoT and Digital Enterprise Solutions provider. This move further strengthens Systena’s market position as a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT)/M2M solutions and services in Japan. Systena plans to accelerate IoT adoption in Japan leveraging the combined capabilities. New end-to-end IoT/M2M solutions will be created by harnessing Systena’s IoT/M2M routers and C2M™, Plasma’s IoT and Digital Enterprise platform.

The advanced capabilities of C2M have been implemented at large US corporations such as AT&T and Cricket Wireless. Using this technology, organizations adopting IoT can collect data from devices, sensors, and IT systems in real-time, and perform big-data analytics. In addition, organizations will be able to optimize operations using the built-in workflow engine.

Whereas most IoT platforms do not offer comprehensive capabilities, C2M’s vast set of built-in functionality such as Connectivity, Device Management, Big Data, Analytics supporting Machine Learning, Visualization, Event Management/Streaming Analytics and Business Workflows make it comprehensive and very powerful. C2M supports a secure operation by using industry-standard security practices. It offers Device and Service management capabilities out-of-box with Lightweight M2M and OMA DM. The platform also includes a sophisticated Edge connector that supports Analytics, Visualization, Event Management and more. C2M facilitates interoperability via a code-free, drag & drop mashing environment. This enables extracting full value from existing IT assets. Organizations can expand product and service offerings based on their evolving needs, without having to buy new platforms.

C2M is designed to be implemented across a wide variety of use cases, applications and verticals such as smart cities, agriculture and farming, healthcare, industrial IoT, fleet and logistics, wearables, connected cars, smart homes, and many more.

"I have seen many IoT platforms before, but C2M is the best All-in-One IoT platform I have seen thus far,” said Katsuhiro Fuchinoue, President & CEO of Systena America Inc. “I am excited for Systena to be introduce such a successful American IoT platform to the Japanese market. I am proud for Systena to become a catalyst of Japanese IoT market."

“IoT holds the promise of transforming the world around us,” said Yasser Khan, Founder and CTO of Plasma. “Our partnership with Systena offers the opportunity for Plasma to play a critical role in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape in Japan.”

About Plasma and C2M™
Plasma, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in IoT and Enterprise Digital Transformation. C2M™, Plasma’s code-free, end-to-end IoT and Digital Enterprise platform allows easy, secure and rapid prototyping and deployment of IoT/M2M solutions.

About Systena
Systena, located in Tokyo, Japan, engrains solution sales business abilities for selling IT-related products to corporate customers as well as provides total solution services support for IT service, cloud and consumer service businesses.

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