Expanding Just a Month After Their Launch is a new startup that launched April 2016, with offices in both UK and Sweden. They are running a casino portal that helps gamblers all over the world get the right information in the right time. One month after their launch, they are already expanding their business.

London, United Kingdom, May 14, 2016 --( We all know the casino industry is a billion dollar market and is a perfect example of that. Their London-based company started in April 2016, and the following month they are already looking for ways to expand their team. As verified by their job ad spotted on Upwork, they are looking for international writers from all over the world to help them create more content for their audience.

“Our Swedish office is working hard to produce the content the market needs, but the industry is moving at a pace we have a hard time caching up on as of today,” says Daniel Nikolovski, CTO of

Players need the opportunity to get up-to-date casino bonuses based on their country of residence.

“This has always been a problem in the casino industry, players being fed with inaccurate information all over the internet,” says Andrew Nguy, CEO of

Their business idea is simple, always providing their target audience with the right information at the right time. The thousands of online casinos operating in 2016 have new promotions every month, and’s mission is to make sure they are the first community to publish the latest updates.

In a high competition industry like online casinos, there is no doubt that sharp startup companies like will have to fight their way to the top solving creative issues that no other company is focusing on. Being an international company sure helps put their name on the map and make their journey less of a rocky road than the average online casino community.

They already have offices in UK and Sweden, and according to Andrew Nguy, they are aiming to open new offices in Australia and Netherlands prior to Q4 2017.

“We believe the key to success is having a great relationship with our employees, therefore we are striving to always be available on site and create the team spirit of a family. This is one of the main reasons we are planning to open new offices in Australia and Netherlands late 2017,” says Andrew.
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