New Franchise Broker Website Offerings from IFPG

Parlin, NJ, May 17, 2016 --( IFPG has announced the launch of a franchise broker-focused, customizable website solution. All active IFPG consultant members have the opportunity to purchase and use this unique product to develop a user-friendly, professional website for business. The pre-designed, ready-to-go website package allows brokers to get their online presence started fast.

About the Product
The solution, created by IFPG Digital (an IFPG company), was designed with franchise brokers in mind. As part of IFPG, the website will automatically update with a current list of all IFPG franchises, giving the website an increased degree of credibility. The website technology is consistent with widely used franchise portals, allowing users to access potential leads easily.

Fully customizable, IFPG designed the website solution for easy maintenance and modulation. All websites are designed with mobile use in mind. Your website will look nice and function well on any screen. As part of the website package deal, brokers can:

· Access a variety of templates
· Automatic Enjoy real-time franchise listings directly on the site.
· Choose from custom themes
· Choose a personalized domain name
· Link to social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
· Add/edit/remove pages as needed
· Showcase their best franchises on the homepage
· Take control of their own search engine optimization (SEO) tags
· Use, modify, or replace a pre-developed eight-page set of content

Why Invest in a Website?
As a franchise broker, you need more than a business card and a phone number listing to generate interest in your services. In today's world, every professional needs an accessible, professional website. Without one, you could lose valuable opportunities to interact with prospects and clients.

A well-designed website can improve your professional reputation and establish you as a thought leader in your field. Consider it as a base for online marketing and prospect engagement, and use it to generate, nurture, and convert leads. Widen your scope and grow your business with a dedicated website designed to help leads choose you.

Custom, modern websites from web-designers can cost thousands of dollars, and may not provide a client with the tools needed to succeed in the industry. The IFPG website offerings include everything a broker needs to launch a live website from day one.

Differentiate Your Brand
The IFPG Digital website offering can help you stand out as a broker in your region. Whether you want to target a particular franchise industry or a certain geographical area, use the customized features to make your brokerage look and feel different from your competitors.

If you're ready to get started or want to learn more about how a franchise broker website can help you, contact Mary Ann Peres or give her a call at 888-977-IFPG x105.

About IFPG

The International Franchise Professionals Group (also known as IFPG) is a membership based organization that has over 800 members. Our members consist of Franchisors, Franchise Brokers, Lenders, and other Franchise Professionals that help potential candidates in the process of buying a franchise.

The IFPG is a strictly membership based organization that does not participate in any referral fees from our franchisor members or our brokers, thereby allowing all of our members to work freely together. Our long-term success is predicated on retaining our members and providing all the tools needed to help you sell more franchises, and close more deals.
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