Book Titled Big Data Governance Reveals Methods to Overcome Big Data's Cyber Security Weaknesses​

Book Titled Big Data Governance Highlights Methods to Reduce the Cyber Security Threat Surface for Big Data Stores

washington, D.C., DC, May 16, 2016 --( Gold Point Consulting a leading IT strategy consultancy released a book titled Big Data Governance in order to highlight the cyber security challenges that businesses face when implementing big data lakes on open source Hadoop system.

The book contains 10 chapters including best practices and modern methods for data governance that organizations should use to bolster data protection in their big data initiatives.

"Big data analytics is a big topic these days as millions of dollars are poured into big data initiatives," said book author Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., "Cyber security threat and data protection become even more critical as organizations build big data lakes to consolidate enterprise data," he adds.

A study conducted by Gold Point Consulting shows that data governance is either lacking or insufficient in a vast majority of organizations who implement big data initiatives with Hadoop and other open source software.

Big Data Governance is a new book that reveals new methods, best practices and strategies to bring big data lakes including Hadoop implementations under proper governance.

"Many organizations lack proper data governance for their big data because either they don't know how to implement it or neglect it until it's discovered as a cyber security issue," adds Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., "By then the threat surface can become extremely vunerable. Organizations implementing Hadoop need to plan ahead with proper data governance policies in order to reduce the threat of data breaches."

The book outlines strategies to establish data governance best practices including establishing a data governance council, data governance guidelines, data privacy classification and software tools that reduce the cyber security vulnerabilities.

The book is available from and from CreateSpace at​

About the Author: Peter Ghavami, Ph.D. is a world renowned consultant and best-selling author of several IT books. He has been consultant and advisor to many Fortune 500 companies in the world for IT strategy, big data analytics, innovation and new technology development. His book on big data analytics titled “Big Data Analytics Methods” supplements his earlier book titled Clinical Intelligence: The Big Data Analytics Revolution in Healthcare​. His first book titled “Lean, Agile and Six Sigma IT Management” is still widely used by IT professionals around the world. His books have been selected as text books by several universities. Dr. Ghavami has over 25 years of experience in technology development, IT leadership, data analytics, supercomputing, software engineering and innovation. He can be reached at

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