Panama Relocation Tours Releases New Article About Boquete Panama

Panama Relocation Tours’ newest article gives readers a sneak peek at Jackie Lange’s day in Boquete Panama.

Miami, FL, May 16, 2016 --( Panama Relocation Tours, a tour company that specializes in tours that show what living in Panama could be like, announces the release of their newest article entitled, “What Can You Do In 30 Minutes in Boquete?” The article gives readers a sneak of a typical day in Boquete for Jackie Lange, Panama Relocation Tours founder, and general manager.

Jackie wants to give her readers more information about what a typical day in Boquete is like for her. She narrates what she was able to do in 30 minutes and gives readers insights on the cost of living in Boquete Panama.

“Boquete is a very popular retirement destination because of its natural beauty and great weather,” says Jackie. “I love it here in Boquete because the weather is spring-like all year. I don’t have to worry about snow, hurricanes or typhoons. It is also a small town which suits me very well. I can get a lot of things done in 30 minutes and this is what I wrote in my new article. I’d like to show my readers the kind of lifestyle available to them in Boquete.”

Jackie goes on to say that she is not marketing Boquete Panama in any way. “Living in Panama may suit most people I know but there are others who think that Panama is not for them. My purpose in writing the article is to educate and impart my knowledge and experience about living in Boquete. I hope that many of my readers will find the article helpful.”

Jackie has been operating the Panama Relocation Tours for 5 years with the goal of giving an objective view of a possible life in Panama. Jackie says that her tours are for people who are considering moving to Panama and want to experience the country first hand. “We are here to show our guests the real Panama with no sugar coating. Our tour guests will be presented with the good, the bad and the ugly that is Panama so they can make a well-informed decision at the end of the day.”

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“I really enjoyed reading Jackie’s newest article,” says a Panama Relocation Tours follower who would like to be identified as simply “Joyce.” “It is both entertaining and educational. I’m sure a lot of her readers are curious if it really is possible to get a lot of things done in 30 minutes.”

“What You Can Do In 30 Minutes in Boquete” is a short article about a typical day for Jackie in Boquete Panama, her home country of 6 years. This is the newest article released today by the Panama Relocation Tours. It can be viewed in full at the company’s official website.

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Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. was founded by Jackie Lange, an American real estate investor who moved to Panama in 2010. The company was the proponent of the one of a kind Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning. Jackie fell in love with Panama’s inexpensive yet comfortable way of life. She is passionate about helping people make a well-informed decision about moving to Panama. Jackie’s Panama tours offer an objective, informative view of real Panama living.
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