Panama Relocation Tours Features Finca Lerida, Boquete Panama in a Recent Article

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. gives a special tribute to a place called Finca Lerida in Boquete Panama.

Dallas, TX, May 19, 2016 --( Boquete Panama has a very large expat community and that is why Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. has featured a special place in Boquete known as Finca Lerida. The company is pleased to announce its recent article entitled, “Finca Lerida in Boquete Panama.” The article talks about the history of Finca Lerida and what has made this place a popular destination in Boquete.

“Finca Lerida in Boquete Panama” was written by Jackie Lange, the founder and general manager of the Panama Relocation Tours. Popularly known as “the sovereign lady” to friends and colleagues, Jackie discusses why the place is unique and why it is a must-visit when one travels to Boquete.

According to Jackie, Finca Lerida is known for its exceptional coffee. Mönniche, the engineer who built Finca Lerida was the same person who patented the “sifon” system. It is a process that separates good coffee beans from the bad ones; thus, facilitating the production of only high-quality coffee.

“I like going to Finca Lerida because the place offers spectacular views and, of course, fine tasting food and coffee,” says Jackie. “Their restaurant serves delectable dishes and I just love looking at the scenery. The place has an extremely relaxing atmosphere that’s just perfect for bonding moments with the family. It’s always nice to talk with friends and family over delicious food, don’t you think? We always have long chats while drinking coffee.”

“Finca Lerida in Boquete Panama” is one of the many articles about Boquete released by the Panama Relocation Tours. Other articles include “What You Can Do In 30 Minutes In Boquete,” “Happy 104th Birthday Boquete,” “Houses for Rent Near Boquete,” and much more. Panama Relocation Tours also has articles about the different areas of Panama and the country as a whole. The goal of the company is to provide its readers with articles and resources about Panama so they can make a well-informed decision about a possible Panama relocation.

“I like reading Jackie’s articles because there’s always something new to learn about Panama,” says Josie, an American who plans to move to Panama in the near future. “I especially like this article about Finca Lerida as I am a coffee lover myself. I’ll definitely visit that place when I travel to Boquete and probably buy loads of coffee beans. And, of course, take lots of great pictures of the scenery. Jackie certainly knows how to elicit excitement in her readers.”

“Finca Lerida in Boquete Panama” is an article about a special place in Boquete known as Finca Lerida. Jackie tells readers why she enjoys coming to Finca Lerida and why the place is historical. The article can be viewed in full at the official website of the Panama Relocation Tours.

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