1417Power Announces the Launch of the 1417Power Employer Benefits Program

1417Power announces the nationwide availability of its new Employer Benefits Program. Employers have a new valuable benefit they can offer to their employees.

Brentwood, TN, May 20, 2016 --(PR.com)-- 1417Power's purpose is to provide families a legal and practical way to plan for their preteen and teenage family member's retirement financial needs, and receive education in basic life skills that includes real work experience. Most adults are worried their children may have to provide for their own financial retirement because Social Security is at risk. Early life retirement wealth build offer by 1417Power is a solution. Please visit www.1417Power.com to learn about our program.

Employers like 1417Power because it is totally optional, offering the required payroll deduction and remittance is easy. Their employees receive an additional 5% discount. Business executives know there are few benefits programs they can offer to their employees where they get paid, their employees get a tax free real benefit with no conditions, and the employer has no cost. This benefit will help employers attract and retain key talent.

Employees with children or grandchildren like the 1417Power program because it is a very affordable way to provide: 1) Life skills education, 2) Real work experience and 3) A successful way to build retirement wealth for their future generations. They like the 1417Power Employer Benefit Program because they receive an additional 5% discount, and payroll deduction simplifies the payment process. Plus, their participation is a 100% voluntary month to month program where they can suspend, modify or even terminate anytime.

About 1417Power
1417Power along with 1417Pulse are 1417LLC companies. 1417Power provides life skills training, work experience and retirement wealth building service. Student Employees of 1417Power complete personal Demographic Questionnaires and Market Surveys utilizing our web applications and SQL database. Because of our student relationship we have additional data that allows us to audit the quality of the completed surveys. 1417Pulse offers market intelligence services focused on the 14 to 17 age demographic, utilizing its exclusive rights to the 1417Power database.
Paul Lucking