MeisterTask Streamlines Customer Service with Direct Zendesk Integration

MeisterTask’s Zendesk integration offers a streamlined connection between customer service agents and back office teams, ensuring faster turnaround times and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Munich, Germany, May 23, 2016 --( MeisterTask, the intuitive multi-platform task manager developed by MeisterLabs, today announced the launch of an integration with Zendesk, Inc., the leading cloud-based customer service software company. The integration allows customer service agents to connect directly with their back office teams, streamlining the information exchange and resulting in a more efficient solution of customers’ issues.

MeisterTask provides a visual, customizable environment for teams that adapts to their individual workflow and ensures higher levels of productivity through task automations. As of now, MeisterTask is available in the Zendesk Marketplace. Once installed, agents can quickly create tasks in MeisterTask from the Zendesk interface. This ensures a smooth transition from ticket to task and creates a direct communication channel between agents and back office teams. As soon as tasks are completed, their corresponding tickets get updated in Zendesk and the agents can notify the original requesters about the status.

“As a SaaS company with more than 5 million users and a relatively small team we know how important efficient communication between the customer service and product departments is,” said MeisterLabs Managing Director, Till Vollmer. “MeisterTask was still in an early alpha stage when we started looking into an integration with Zendesk, knowing that this could provide us with the efficient and affordable setup we would need to satisfy our users’ expectations. After field testing the integration for over a year now, our agents are able to report significantly increased turnaround times and customer satisfaction rates at a consistent 99%.”

Using MeisterTask’s Pro feature “Section Actions”, service agents are able to automatically forward tickets as tasks not only to one specific project board, but to an infinite number of boards.

“Section Actions are a fantastic way to extend the functionality of our Zendesk integration, which by default connects exactly one Zendesk account with one MeisterTask project board. By enabling agents to forward tickets to an unlimited number of boards, Section Actions ensure that each ticket is sent to exactly the right project and is assigned to the right person. Once configured, all of this is done by MeisterTask automatically.”

About MeisterTask

Named one of the best apps of 2015 by both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Chrome Web Store, MeisterTask is an intuitive multi-platform collaboration tool that raises the standard in efficient - and even enjoyable - task management. Using MeisterTask, teams organize and manage tasks in a gorgeous, customizable environment that perfectly adapts to their workflow and automates recurring steps. Free apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac are also available.

MeisterTask is being developed by MeisterLabs, the company behind the award-winning brainstorming tool MindMeister.
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