Code Brew Labs to Conduct Its Next Placement Drive in June 2016

An internship is the stepping stone before a student fully realizes his/her individual potential. It is important that you pick a place that nurtures your inner talent while introducing you to the fast-paced and highly competitive industry environment. Code-Brew is a mobile application development and analytic company, that conducts placement drives each year to find the best talent for IT, and they are about to conduct their next placement drive this June.

Chandigarh, India, May 26, 2016 --( Code Brew Labs will start its next college-placement drive in the north this June 2016, said company executive Mr. Aseem Ghavri. Code-brew has conducted placement drives in various colleges across India to look for upcoming talent in technology. According to Mr. Aseem Ghavri Code Brew is, “Developing tomorrow's developers.” The placement drives are conducted by Code brew’s HR executive and head developers for Android and iOS. The company is looking for students who have decided to choose programming as their passion and show a special talent for it. Students get to learn from some of the best programmers in the industry today, in a typical office environment. They face the situations a professional would face and learn to tackle complex tasks with the guidance of their supervising developer team. Code Brew promises the most conducive learning environment for tech students. Mr. Aseem Ghavri, who is the current CEO of Code Brew said in an interview, that Code Brew aims to “prepare the next generation of developers who will be more than capable of developing great code.” Placement-drives are conducted in close collaboration with various colleges. The company conducts a written aptitude test. After that technical knowledge of students is tested with a written test. Students who qualify for the first two tests are then selected for the PI (Personal Interview) round. “The process is made to make sure that we have the best budding developed. The industry is seeing a lot of different things, and a lot is going on these days. We make sure that our development process is relevant to the current times. We are learning as a company, and we want to impart that to the next generation of programmers,” said Mr. Ghavri. The company has been active for about four years and aims to be the leading Mobile App development and analytics company. “We’re just building pillars now, but we’re making them stronger,” said Mr. Ghavri said of company's growth strategy.

Why choose Code Brew?
This is the information age, and technology is on the rise. Being an IT company today is like standing on a playground packed with people who want to play. It’s crowded and many companies out there providing their services. But the difference comes from the quality and professionalism and management skills that those organizations expose. Code Brew believes that every person has potential and only needs a suitable environment to come out. Interns are given freedom to explore their coding style, and team-leads make sure that they stay updated with the latest trends. Typically there are a lot of different projects going on, and interns have the benefit of staying updated with a lot of things. Interns are assisted regularly by their team leads and management. Based on their performance they can select as an employee by the company. Each student gets an experience letter which they can add to their portfolio for future job opportunities. Other than that, students go out with experience of working with the most driven developers in today's tech playground.

About Code Brew
Code Brew is a mobile application development and analytics firm, established in 2012, with head offices in Chandigarh, India. The company also has an international presence in USA and Canada. Within short span of four years, Company has achieved turnover in Crores with a growth rate of over 15% per month. There are more than 100 apps online that Code-Brew has developed. Code Brew's team is made of the most creative industry minds, who strive to develop innovative and relevant products. The company also provides analytics, consulting and management help to startups. The Company is building its own client-centric development approach and has worked for clients from all over the globe. Code Brew stands for innovation and quality services. This established from the company's wide range of products. The company also provides mobility solutions to businesses for increased efficiency and productivity. Analytics and consultation services provided by the company's analysts who are experts in data-mining. Code Brew aims to be at the front-line of android and iOS application development services, data-mining, consultancy and many more services. The next placement drive is to be conducted in June-July, 2016.
Code Brew
Pargat Dhillon