Grow For It Honored to be Part of CRG’s Safe Seed Resource List

Seed quality and safety have always been a top priority for the people at Grow For It.

Carson City, NV, May 29, 2016 --( Seed quality and safety have always been a top priority for the people at Grow For It. As a small, family-owned heirloom seed business in Nevada, the brand is well aware of the dangers of genetic modification that is shamelessly championed by large seed corporations today. Like other small heirloom seed companies who care about their customers' benefit, Grow For It has vowed to only sell non-gmo heirloom seeds to the public.

To make this vow official, Grow For It has even signed the Safe Seed Pledge—a program started by the Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG) to connect sellers of non-gmo seeds to consumers. So far, over 100 seed companies have joined the movement and Grow For It is proud to be a part of it since February of 2015.

"Being an heirloom seed company comes with social responsibility, especially since we are selling survival seeds that will be grown into food for consumption. It is of the utmost importance to us that we provide non-gmo heirloom survival seeds that our customers can trust. We would never risk our reputation by selling genetically-modified seeds that even our own families would not use," said Charles Harmon, Founder and CEO of Grow For It.

"From the very start, we have always been a strong advocate for heirloom survival seeds that are free from pesticide and genetic engineering methods. We have done everything possible to ensure that our survival seed bank is safe for both vegetable gardening and survival preparedness. Now, it has been over a year since we made CRG's Safe Seed Resource List. It is such an honor for us because we take our pledge seriously," the CEO continued.

Grow For It can be found in CRG's Safe Seed Resource List under its parent company name, Charles C Harmon Co LLC. Interested customers can check the website for more information.

Grow For It is a Nevada-based heirloom seed company owned by Charles C Harmon Co LLC. The brand is an advocate for pesticide-free heirloom survival seeds.
Grow For It
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