Digital Content Comes Alive, a web tool that allows you to create engaging interactive content (i.e. infographics, presentations, microsites, etc.) so you can tell great stories. is currently being used in more than 150 countries. Founded in Spain, it is a startup founded and run by a diverse team of experts in neuromarketing, design, and technology.

Cordoba, Spain, May 31, 2016 --( has entered the worlds of communication and education demanding a change-innovation. They have developed a web tool that allows for the simple creation of creative content that easily stands out against in a saturated market of information.'s true strength lies in how easy it is to create content online and make it richer with an arsenal of animations and interactive options.

According to the CEO of, Juan Rubio, “Neuroscience tells us that the key to more effective communication is based on the ability to create highly interactive visual content.” His business partner and CTO of, Chema Roldán, explains, “This thought process is the main innovator of our web tool. Until recently, interactive resources were exclusively created by people with programming skills. This is an experiment in the democratization of Html5.”

Interactive resources allow for people to play a more active role in the communication process because content with several layers of information allow for a more explorative and stimulating experience. allows you to add all types of content- not just videos or hyperlinks. You can add media from more than 1,700 different sources- maps, documents, or even your social networking accounts. stands out from the crowd because it is versatility. It can be used to develop online content for websites or blogs, or it can be used to create communication resources such as presentations, infographics, and much more.

Luis García, the Director of Marketing, adds, “ is a tool that solves two problems with one keystroke. First, it eliminates the need to have technical expertise in programming and design to develop enriching digital content. Secondly, our web tool allows you to analyze your contents public performance by monitoring real-time statistics.” is in the middle of an exponential growth process. Currently, it is in use by more than 100,000 people in more than 150 since its launch in September of last year. Current users include members of the several different sectors including- marketing, design/advertising (to attract customers), journalism/bloggers (to communicate news more interactively), and education (to engage students).

This startup has entered the market expecting to shake things up and opening up new dimensions of creativity. That is the promise we make with our slogan "You do not have to be a genius to do genial things."
Monica Bernáldez
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