Don't Lose Your Headline with the Latest Comedy News Podcast

News based, comedy Indie podcast entering it's third season.

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom, May 29, 2016 --( The latest news comedy podcast, Don't Lose Your Headline, is proving that it's here to start as it enters Season 3 on Monday 6th of June.

The show, which puts the phrase 'truth is stranger than fiction' to the test, revolves around a simple idea: can you tell real news stories from fake? With the average story, you most likely can… but hosts Phil Austin (writer and magician), Bret Allen (writer and beard owner) and Chris Evans (not that one, or that one!) pick far from average stories. This show roots out all the most bizarre news from around the world, from the silly (Man lives as a goat, as reported on the BBC), to the outrageous (Lover leaves their penis behind in bed!).

Which are real and which are fake? Can that really be true? Did that actually happen? With a stuffed toy?! Listeners can enjoy answering these posing questions and testing their powers of lie detection as the hosts try to outdo each other each week.

The show is uploaded on Mondays and is available through Soundcloud and iTunes. It contains no small amount of swearing and themes which are very unsuitable for work! Season 3 will also see some new format changes, such as listener's stories and a new head-to-head round, as the show takes off its training wheels and get serious about being silly.




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