Panama Relocation Tours Releases an Article About the Reasons Why People Move and How Panama Answers That Need for a Better Life

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. releases a new article entitled, “Panama Answers that Need for a Better life.”

Dallas, TX, June 02, 2016 --( The only Panama tour company that focuses on relocation and retirement planning, Panama Relocation Tours, recently released an article about the reasons why people migrate and how Panama is able to fill that need for a better life offshore. Entitled, “Panama Answers that Need for a Better Life”, the article identifies the four factors for migration and talks about Panama as a good option for people considering moving to another country in search for a better life.

Panama Relocation Tours’ founder and general manager, Jackie Lange, wrote the article. “I wanted to know what prompts people to migrate. I had my own reasons but then it may not be the same for everyone. I decided to do my research and then discovered that the reasons why people move are the exact same ones why people come to Panama. I’d like to impart this knowledge to my readers because I’d like them to know how truly amazing it is to live in Panama.”

Jackie made the move to Panama herself in 2010. When asked why she chose Panama among all the other countries she had visited, she mentions Panama’s low cost of living and great weather as her determining factors.

“I came from Texas, USA, and the weather there is just extreme. It was so hot during the summer months and icy cold during the winter. This meant costly electricity bills for us because we had to turn on the heater during winter and the air conditioner during the summer. When I came to Panama and discovered its low cost of living and spring-like weather, I said to myself that I am going to live here and make this country my second home. So now, here I am in Panama. My goal is to share what I know about this country so people who are tired of where they are right now will know that there is an option, that there is a better place waiting for them.”

In addition to blogging about Panama and everything about it, Jackie facilitates the Panama Relocation Tours. Her tours are not the typical kind of tours that take its guests from one tourist spot to another. Just like her articles, Jackie’s Panama Relocation Tours, provide an objective view of life in Panama. She lets her tour participants experience Panama in all its glory. Jackie’s tour guests get to talk to the locals and expats who now call Panama home. She also takes them to the key areas in Panama that are suitable for retirement.

Jackie herself sees to it that her guests know what it’s like to live in Panama so they can make a well-informed decision at the end of the day.

“It has been my passion to educate people about Panama and let them experience it for themselves. I think that that would be the only way for people to make an informed decision. Instead of reading about Panama, visit it instead and see what it has to offer.”

The article, “Panama Answers that Need for a Better Life” can be viewed in full at the official website of the Panama Relocation Tours. This research-driven piece discusses the reasons why people move, and then highlights Panama as a great option for people considering moving to another country.

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Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. is the brainchild of Jackie Lange, an American real estate entrepreneur who moved to Panama in 2010. The company was the proponent of the one of a kind Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning. Jackie fell in love with Panama’s inexpensive yet comfortable way of life. Now, she brings Panama Relocation Tours that are focused on showing the real Panamanian lifestyle available to retirees. Jackie’s Panama tours offer an objective, informative view of real Panama living.
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