Reel Connect Opens New Home for Online Independent Film

Provo, UT, January 12, 2008 --( A new resource for filmmakers and film-viewers has opened its doors this week. Reel Connect has debuted the new beta version of their website,, on Monday, January 7, 2008. The site offers film-lovers a new showcase of the best and most creative independent short films on the internet. At the same time, filmmakers now have a respected place to display their work and get information about their films and themselves to viewers hungry for new and on-demand content.

“I see this as being a new way that filmmakers will look at having an online presence,” said Matthew Wood, Reel Connect’s CEO and Co-Founder. “On the internet, until now, there’s been more emphasis on the film rather than the filmmaker. Reel Connect is giving an emphasis to both. The fact that we have one of the largest viewing areas available on the internet alone will draw filmmakers to us. They want to show their films they’ve worked so hard on in the best way possible. ”

To aid the filmmakers, films posted on the site have their own profile pages that show which members of the site worked on it. All members of the cast and crew are eligible for profiles and connections to the films they’ve worked on. In addition, the site will offer a dynamic film networking system that will allow the cast and crew members a chance to connect with each other and collaborate on future projects. Tools to aid such collaboration are being developed such as production searches and online file hosting. The fact that most employees of Reel Connect are or have been filmmakers themselves offers them an insight into what will draw filmmakers to post their work on the site.

“The films owners still retain their rights to the film. If they want the movie to be removed from the site during film festival season, we’re more than happy to oblige,” stated Chad Clemans, Reel Connect’s Acquisition Manager. “We will offer distribution at a later date so until then we’re happy to help filmmakers get exposure and get their film sold.”

Reel Connect will debut their next version of early spring of this year with expanded film networking tools. Any filmmakers interested in submitting their films may request more information by e-mailing

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