Is Panama a Good Place to Live in? Panama Relocation Tours Shares an Informative Article by Forbes Magazine

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. features an article by Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine. The article talks about Panama’s economic growth and how it fares in the world today.

Dallas, TX, June 04, 2016 --( “Is Panama a good place to live in?”, is perhaps one of the most common questions people ask about the country. Panama Relocation Tours, Inc.answers this question by featuring an article by Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine on their official website. The article primarily talks about Panama’s economic growth and the factors that contribute to its success.

According to the article, Panama is often portrayed negatively on the news but what it truly is, is quite the opposite as what people are made to believe. Steve Forbes claims that Panama is becoming the financial center of Latin America.

“The government recently floated a $1.2 billion bond issue, which was quickly oversubscribed. Government debt to GDP is only 40%; in the U.S. it’s over 100%.”

Forbes goes on to say that the control of the Panama Canal has been handled well by the country. The canal continues to contribute significantly to Panama’s GDP. With the newly expanded canal to open and be fully operational in June this year, it is expected to double its capacity and income even more.

“The government wisely didn’t treat the canal as a short-term political piggy bank the way most countries have done with, say, their state-owned oil companies. Considerable sums have been reinvested in the canal. The resultant growing volume of trade has meant that government revenues from the canal have also grown nicely.”

Jackie Lange, the founder and general manager of Panama Relocation Tours, says that she featured Forbes’ article on her website because she wanted her readers to know the real score. “I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of negative feedback about Panama that it’s difficult for me to just watch and not do anything. The Panama scandal has been the topic of most papers and it’s just sad how one scandal can damage the reputation of a country and deviate from the fact that Panama is actually a good place to live in. I hope that Forbes’ article will make people realize that Panama is one success story that shouldn’t be forgotten.”

Jackie Lange moved to Panama in 2010 and she has never looked back since. “I love living in Panama! The weather is just fantastic. The expats who now call Panama home are very warm and accommodating. And the cost of living is really low, I am able to save money for my travels and other passions. For this reason, I’d like to impart what I know about Panama so people who are considering migration can discover what it truly is.”

The article, “What’s Really Going On In Panama?” can be viewed in full at the official website of the Panama Relocation Tours. It contains the full article of Steve Forbes which talks about Panama’s economic growth and how it continues to achieve success. The article also provides an answer to the question, “is Panama a good place to live in?”

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