Lance Lorusso, Author of When Cops Kill and Peacemaking, to Teach on Officer-Involved Shootings and Media Response for the Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition

LoRusso Will be Discussing How Law Enforcement Should Respond to the Media Firestorm After an Officer Involved Shootings

Atlanta, GA, June 08, 2016 --( Attorney, Lance LoRusso, author of the acclaimed books, When Cops Kill: The Aftermath of a Critical Incident and Peacemaking will be teaching at the Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition Summer Conference at Brasstown Valley Resort, 6321 U.S. Hwy 76.

Young Harris, GA 30582 on June 7th. LoRusso’s course will deal with how law enforcement should respond to the media following an officer involved shooting. Media inquiries and coverage of an officer involved shooting has become intense in the 24/7 news cycle and social media driven world, LoRusso in his class will instruct officers on how they navigate the media firestorm balancing the public’s right to know while not hindering the ongoing investigation of the shooting. He will also be discussing officer involved shootings in detail that will take officers through the events that they can expect to happen after an officer involved shooting including media coverage, the investigation, the impact of the event on both their families and themselves. LoRusso will also be selling and signing copies of Peacemaking and When Cops Kill. The Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition is dedicated to providing its members with professional leadership in meeting organizational objectives regarding national accreditation and/or state certification.

“Sadly it seems almost daily we are hearing about officer involved shootings in the news or on social media,” said Lance LoRusso, author of When Cops Kill and Peacemaking. “In the firestorm that follows, law enforcement agencies need to know how to respond to media inquiries following the incident. Law enforcement agencies in their response can educate the public on what happened and what the proper procedures are for such an incident and help dispel the sensationalism we often see in the media. I am honored to have been asked to teach this course on responding to the media, at the Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition Summer Conference.”

When Cops Kill: The Aftermath of a Critical Incident by LoRusso, is a comprehensive book for law enforcement and family members of law enforcement officers to deal with the aftermath of the law enforcement officer having been involved in a shooting or violent alteration with a suspect. The book deals with the media coverage that will follow such an incident, the investigation, the potential of a civil lawsuit and how to deal emotionally with such an incident. The book is an excellent resource for law enforcement officers and their family members for the day when the call of duty leads to more than a random warrant being served or ticket being issued. LoRusso draws on his hands-on experience as a former law enforcement officer as well as an attorney who represents law enforcement officers. Proceeds from the sale of When Cops Kill are being donated to charities for law enforcement officers and their families.

Peacemaking follows the journey of a police officer, Scotty Painter, in the aftermath of a shooting. In Peacemaking, Scotty Painter is the most respected member of his police department, having worked his way up from a street cop to deputy chief. After losing his wife, Christine, to cancer and giving his daughter away at her wedding, he now lives alone. His life as a cop is not easy, however, as he is haunted by the misery he has seen and the things he had to do to survive. One day, he finds himself sharing his deepest and most troubling thoughts with the only one who can truly understand his struggles and answer his questions. In a world far apart from his days filled with life and death decisions, Scotty comes face to face with his fears, his faith, and his destiny. LoRusso drew on his extensive experience as a former law enforcement officer and that of other officers in developing the story and expressing the emotions that the officer experiences, as well as, the affects the incident has on others. In Peacemaking, readers see the principal character as he travels his spiritual journey and ultimately turns to the only one who can truly understand his emotions and who he is.

Lance LoRusso is the Principal of the LoRusso Law Firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a healthcare and law enforcement background, and focuses his practice on general liability defense for individuals and corporations, medical malpractice defense, healthcare law and catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of injured parties and affected families. His representation of law enforcement, healthcare systems, professional organizations and corporate clients has provided a broad range of expertise and earned him a reputation as an attorney committed to resolving complex client problems in a professional and cost efficient manner. A former officer, LoRusso is a strong advocate for Georgia law enforcement. He serves as General Counsel to the Georgia Fraternal Order of Police as well as Lodge Attorney for Cobb County’s Lodge 13 of the Fraternal Order of Police. Additionally, he responds to critical incidents on behalf of law enforcement officers.
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