Panama Relocation Tours Anticipates Growth in Panama’s Economy with the Panama Canal Expansion

The Panama Relocation Tours announces its newest article about the Panama Canal expansion. The article talks about the much-anticipated growth of Panama’s economy.

Dallas, TX, June 09, 2016 --( The Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. is popular for its one of a kind Panama tours that focus on relocation and retirement planning, but the company is all out in providing information about Panama. An article was released recently about Panama’s much-anticipated economic growth. Entitled, “New Panama Canal Will Help Global Trade”, the article talks about the Panama Canal expansion and how this will greatly contribute to Panama’s place in the world market.

Jackie Lange wrote the article, “New Panama Canal Will Help Global Trade”. As stated in the article, the new locks of the expanded Panama Canal are much larger than the original locks. This means that the canal will double its capacity of transporting goods between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

“This is such an exciting time not just for the locals but also for the Americans living in Panama”, says Jackie. “This historic moment will not just benefit Panama but other countries in the world. From Asian gas terminals to US markets, the Panama Canal expansion will benefit a lot of people.”

According to Jackie, the capacity of the canal almost triples which mean higher income and lesser costs. The expansion will also make it cheaper by the ton for companies to pass through the canal and ship goods.

An article by Bloomberg states that the Panama Canal expansion has been underway for 9 years and that it will make its debut on June 26, 2016.

“The anticipated growth has triggered a multibillion-dollar dredging and building binge at ports in the U.S., Caribbean, and South America, all seeking to win a share of the traffic boom. Panama is also bidding to become a distribution hub for global manufacturers, with plans to add space for more than 5 million additional cargo containers.”

Marie Rodriguez, a resident of Boquete Panama, is very much excited about the Panama Canal expansion. “We will definitely be watching the news on that day. It’s like having a nationwide fiesta for the country as everyone seems to be very much excited. I’m pretty sure that there will be celebrations all over Panama as the country takes another momentous milestone.”

When asked what the Panama expansion would signify for her Panama Relocation Tours, Jackie has this to say. “Of course, we’re predicting that more people would want to come to Panama because of its growing economy. I always tell my guests that Panama is a huge success story and I’m just as excited as everyone about the canal’s expansion.”

Jackie’s article, “New Panama Canal Will Help Global Trade”, can be viewed in full at the official website of the Panama Relocation Tours. The article contains details about the significance of the Panama Canal expansion not just to Panama’s economy but to world trade as well.

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