Big Rick’s Makes Big Plans to Tempt Taste Buds in All 50 States and Beyond

Wichita-based Bar-B-Q brand teams with All Things BBQ to enhance shelf visibility, increase production and expand its customer base.

Wichita, KS, June 09, 2016 --( Big Rick’s today took a significant step toward world Bar-B-Q sauce domination by announcing a new distribution agreement with All Things BBQ and Delano Distributors. The mission of the new agreement is to put a jar of the company’s award-winning Bar-B-Q sauce, mustard, and ketchup in the hands of every grilling aficionado in the world.

“After making our line of products in Wichita for 20 years, we realized we couldn’t keep up with customer demand. Our manufacturing facility just didn’t have the capacity to fill all the orders we were receiving. So, we recently decided to change our business model to outsource production, significantly increase our manufacturing capability, and upgrade our distribution channels,” said Dennis Rees, Big Rick’s spokesperson.

Since 1991, when friends of big Rick Doty started requesting more and more of his home-made sauce, Big Rick’s has steadily grown its product line to include multiple versions of its signature sauces. In 2015, People Magazine selected the company’s Jalapeno Honey Mustard to represent Kansas in an article highlighting great food to try in each state.

The new comprehensive distribution agreement with All Things BBQ and Delano Distributors strengthens Big Rick’s retail presence in Wichita’s Delano district and opens doors for more stores to offer the complete line of Big Rick’s products.

“ATBBQ has been carrying Big Rick’s products since we opened in 2009. We chose the product because it offers a nice selection and has a loyal following,” said Don Cary, All Things BBQ owner/operator. “The next step is creating a larger dedicated space for the product, including half and full gallons. We are also going to add signage to the display to attract attention.”

The fan base of Big Rick’s reaches well beyond the backyard barbecues of Kansas’ cattle country. In fact, Aussies are seriously challenging The Land of Oz as the biggest Big Rick’s fans. Australian licensee Big Al and Ocky Enterprises now distributes Big Rick’s Bar-B-Q sauces and condiments to over 500 retail locations throughout New South Wales and Queensland.

“This agreement with Delano Distributors puts us in a position to further expand availability to retail in the U.S. and concentrate on naming more licensees outside the U.S.,” added Rees. “As our plans mature, I believe that Big Rick’s is poised for an explosion in distribution.”
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