VISTAMATIC® Announces the Launch of Clarity Switchable Glass for Privacy and Observation Control in Healthcare, Commercial and Residential Environments

Coral Springs, FL, June 16, 2016 --( VISTAMATIC, the pioneer in integral shading and privacy glass solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of Clarity, its new switchable privacy glass solution that enables privacy and discrete observation for healthcare, commercial and residential applications. The launch of Clarity positions VISTAMATIC as the only complete privacy glass solution company with a portfolio of products at all price points.

Clarity is activated by a simple on-off switch which applies an electrical charge to change the glass state from opaque to clear. In its frosted state, the privacy glass acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass window or partition. Clarity is manufactured using the latest PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film which is laminated between two panes of glass. Panels are available in sizes up to max size 35 square foot and come in a variety of colors.

“Clarity is a stylish and contemporary product that provides a simple and cost effective alternative to other switchable glass technologies,” said Kevin Roth, chief executive officer and managing partner of VISTAMATIC. “Clarity can be supplied in either single pane form or as a double glazed sealed unit. When double glazed, Clarity offers the benefits of improved thermal performance and replaces the need for old fashioned blinds or curtains offering a greater control and comfort within any room.”

Benefits of Clarity at a Glance

Superior Light Transmittance
Low Haze in off-axis viewing angle
High UV protection
Flexible production sizes
Single Glazed Laminate glass panels or Double Glazed Sealed Units
Easy maintenance
Instant control of privacy
Flexible production sizes
Single or double glazed panels
Fire rated glass available
Tested over 50,000 hours
Available in shapes
Can be retro-fitted

Launched in 1988, VISTAMATIC is a pioneer in privacy glass solutions which are used in hundreds of hospitals, medical facilities, high security environments, corporations and universities across the world.

The wide range of options, design formats and product applications mean that architects, designers and door manufacturers find simple, durable, refined and affordable solutions to fit the unique requirements of their projects.
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