SAHS Lifesciences Launches New Range of Poultry Feed

A premier poultry products manufacturer, SAHS Lifesciences Pvt Ltd introduces its new poultry feed range for different age of chickens raised for different purposes.

Noida, India, June 19, 2016 --( SAHS Lifesciences Pvt Ltd is an India's leading animal husbandry company and manufacturer of wide variety of poultry products such as chicken food, feed additives, poultry medicines, chemicals, live birds and fresh meat products. The company announces the launch its wide range of new poultry feed products in the market. The feed comes in four forms that are popularly known as crumble, pellet, mash and scratch gain.

Founder and Director of SAHS Lifesciences, Harjeet Kaur said, "A lot of research has been done by SAHS veterinary experts to prepare the correct feed formulations that meet the nutrition requirements of chickens of different age.” She further explains that the starter feed is developed to provide all the nutrients a baby chick needs in the early weeks of their life, and Grower feed is perfect once the chicks reach 8 weeks of age.

The amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals present in the feed manufactured for broilers, layers and breeders varies a lot and the value depends on the specific purpose they are raised for. Layer feed is specifically prepared for egg laying hens, it contains enough protein and calcium required for maximum egg production, and it should be given until the hen stops producing eggs. Breeder feed provides adequate value of protein and amino acids to achieve maximum fertility in breeders. The contents of broiler feed gives excellent growth and weight to chickens raised for meat production.

All the feeds are reasonably priced because the company knows that the poultry industry has been suffering from many challenges that are hurting their profitability. Excessively hot weather conditions and a sudden hike in the prices of grains, soya and other ingredients used in the preparation of feed are few of them. "SAHS Lifesciences has been in feed manufacturing for last many years and it makes every effort to provide high quality unique feed formulations to make poultry businesses profitable," says Mr. Devendra Singh Rawat, Marketing Manager, SAHS.

About SAHS
India based SAHS Lifesciences is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certified company working in the field of poultry products manufacturing and animal nutrition research and development. Its manufacturing plants (spread all over India) deliver ultimate quality products by using modern equipment and latest technology. The company has a great team of highly skilled and experienced animal nutritionist, agriculture experts and veterinarians.
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