T-3 Months for Yuri's Night 2008; Party Packs Now Available

Washington, DC, January 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Space enthusiasts around the world are beginning to mark their calendars, as only three months remain until the start of this year's Yuri's Night festivities. To help each party promote and plan their event, as they come even closer to April 12th, Yuri's Night has begun offering their Party Pack setup, with all the tools needed to host a great Yuri's Night event.

Though the new year has just began, over 36 parties on 6 continents have already registered at www.yurisnight.net--and there's a rumor that YN might have parties on all 7 by the time all is said and done. Yuri's Night events are being scheduled in the traditional cities and space havens, such as Cocoa Beach, Florida and Strasbourg, France, home to the International Space University. This year, however, areas as diverse as Rasht, Iran, Sparks, Nevada, and Singleton, Australia are being added to the mix... and more are sure to come as Yuri's Night gets nearer.

"I'm really excited to be back here setting up our Yuri's Night party", said Yuri's Night Chapel Hill (NC) organizer Brice Russ, now in his second year with YN. "We're finally starting to get everything set up for this April, and I think we're going to build on last year's event to come up with something that'll really get the word out about how awesome space is."

For other parties that are just now starting up and need help with publicizing their event, or for any party that's looking to show their Yuri's Night affiliation as strongly as they can, the Yuri's Night Party Pack is exactly what they're looking for. Party Packs cost $25 (which all goes back into the costs of running Yuri's Night), and include exciting Yuri's Night-themed memorabilia such as stickers, temporary tattoos, a Yuri's Night T-shirt and a helper's guide by Director of Operations Jake Welch on how to run a great Yuri's Night party. For more information on Yuri's Night Party Packs, visit http://www.yurisnight.net/2008/party-central/party-pak.php.

As always, for information on how to attend, or host, your own local Yuri's Night event, visit www.yurisnight.net.

Yuri's Night is a program of the Space Generation Advisory Council, an organization dedicated to engaging and developing the next generation of space leaders.

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