Hackamore Announces All-New Ultra Premium Energy Beverage, Hackamore, for Summer 2016

New York, NY, June 29, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Hackamore is proud to announce its all-new ultra premium energy beverage, Hackamore, which will be launching in the summer of 2016.

Hackamore is the first of its kind in the market of energy drinks and caffeine boosters, and it is changing the way that many businesses feel about serving energy drinks in their high-class establishments. The health conscious person no longer has to be embarrassed when ordering an energy drink thanks to Hackamore. It has a healthy formula, a great look, and the unique appeal that other energy drinks lack. Regardless if a person is on the go, having dinner at an upscale restaurant, out for a night on the town in a local hotspot, or entertaining potential clients over cocktails, this is the perfect ultra premium drink to order.

Hackamore is a healthy way to consume natural caffeine in its purest form, something that the beverage industry has been missing. Many other brands add sweeteners to the formula, but Hackamore does not contain any of those ingredients that often lead to added calories and unwanted health issues. Hackamore is a gluten-free, kosher, and vegan premium energy drink that has no sugar, zero calories, and no added sweeteners. This is a great selection for anyone wanting to reduce their intake of sugar whilst allowing people to experience that spiritual side they have always wanted to explore without losing control.

Hackamore is the only premium energy drink that allows mixologists the freedom to mix it in with cocktails and mocktails, giving customers a full dosage of caffeine in just one shot. The concentrated mixture gives bars and restaurants the ability to create new drinks for their customers. Hackamore gives sober individuals a sophisticated, healthy, and fun beverage option, decreasing their odds of becoming tired after their fifth glass of ice tea or energy-lacking lemonade. These customers can now order unique mocktails while having dinner or enjoying a night out with their friends.

Hackamore is presented in a one liter, frosted bottle that resembles some of the most popular ultra premium vodkas. The recommended serving size of this premium energy drink is two fluid ounces. However, a two-ounce shot of Hackamore is equivalent to one full can of your typical energy drink, with a taste similar to liquor, but with a natural health kick. For those patrons that prefer a mixed drink, Hackamore is just as invigorating when served with soda, fruit juice, or an alcoholic beverage of choice. This premium energy drink is the perfect caffeine, or liquor, substitution.

The caffeine contents are clearly stated on the Hackamore bottle, and should not be consumed by children or women who are pregnant. If a person is under medication, or specific orders from a medical professional, he or she should consult with their doctor prior to consuming the energy drink.

Hackamore is currently available for pre-order. The drink will be launching this summer (2016). Luxury establishments and businesses throughout New York have access to the premium energy drink. It will be expanding to other areas across the United States at a later date. The pre-order form is available on the company’s customer-friendly website. An order of Hackamore consists of six, one-liter bottles per case. Simply fill in the contact form, and a representative from Hackamore will then respond to the pre-order as quickly as possible.

About the Company:

Every aspect of Hackamore is focused on creating a high-class energy drink that has an unmatched quality. The formula for Hackamore was created using the very best ingredients. From bottle-to-bottle, the vision of Hackamore’s founder, Olivia Robinson, who is also the company’s Chief Operating Officer, has ensured an unparalleled experience. Ms. Robinson is a young entrepreneur who lived in London prior to moving to New York City.

Hackamore is currently headquartered in New York.

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