Brian Boru Pilgrimage Launched by O’Brien Clan

St. Petersburg, FL, July 01, 2016 --( The O’Brien Clan Foundation recently completed its inaugural pilgrimage to Ireland and followed the historic journey of Brian Boru, the country’s High King over 1,000 years ago.

In April, members of the Clan Foundation conducted in an eight-day guided tour across Ireland’s breathtaking countryside. They retraced the footsteps of O’Brien ancestors and donated generously to local educational programs that help young Irish students achieve their dreams.

Brian Boru was the High King of Ireland from 1002 to 1014 and was the founder of the O’Brien Dynasty—a noble house that ruled the kingdoms of Munster and Thomond for centuries. Tour guests walked along the Shannon River and over the Cliffs of Moher, which Boru himself passed on his journey, visited the Rock of Cashel where Boru was crowned High King and saw the battlefield where he died. Clan members also paid visits to O'Brien castles and O'Brien lands before meeting with Conor O'Brien, a direct descendant of Brian Boru and current Chief of the O'Brien Clan.

In addition to organizing the annual Brian Boru Trail Tour, part of the Clan Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and provide scholarships for Irish students to attend Dublin’s Trinity College and participate in a summer school program focused on Ireland’s history. These scholarships assist students in need of financial support for tuition and accommodation so that they may pursue their educational goals.

This year during the Trail Tour, Clan Foundation members presented a check for 3,450 Euros (approximately $4,000) to the Trinity Access Program (TAP), a program that works in partnership with students, teachers, families, communities and businesses to widen access and participation at university level of under-represented groups. In addition, Clan Foundation Board members Conor and Moira O’Brien donated 1,000 Euros (approximately $1,100) on behalf of the Foundation to The O’Brien Summer School (TOBSS), a non-profit educational fund to facilitate the organization of international symposia reflecting themes and eras of Irish history.

“The O’Brien Clan Foundation was honored to make a contribution to the TAP as part of its first annual pilgrimage to Ireland. The hope is that our contributions will help transform the lives of the recipients and we plan to donate more in the future. Our involvement with TAP and TOBSS allows tour participants to not only learn about their Irish heritage, but to also make a meaningful contribution to Ireland’s future,” said Barton O’Brien, Chairman of the O’Brien Clan Foundation.

Eileen Punch, Associate Director of the Trinity Access Program said, “We are very grateful for the support of the O’Brien Clan for an incoming TAP student in the year ahead. Private support for students has made an enormous difference over the years in enabling talented individuals from low income backgrounds to come to Trinity and fulfill their potential.”

The next Brian Boru Trail Tour is scheduled for October 2017 and the Clan Foundation intends to make its pilgrimage an annual event. Several sightseeing tours are being planned to places that have historical and cultural significance to the O’Briens and there will also be ample time set aside for independent sightseeing, shopping and relaxation. At the conclusion of each day’s activities, tour guests will be able to relax and unwind in one of the hand-picked four-star hotels chosen by Clan Foundation Board members.

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All O'Briens who descend from Brian Boru, the last High King of Ireland, are members of the O'Brien Clan. The Clan is headed by Chief Conor O'Brien, the 37th direct descendant from Brian Boru. The goal of the O'Brien Clan and Foundation is to celebrate the history of Brian Boru, promote an annual pilgrimage to Ireland to allow his descendants to experience walking in his footsteps across Ireland, and to raise money for educational purposes of O'Briens and their kin in Ireland.
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