Nothing But Loves Announces Launch of Charity Fundraising Site With an Important Difference – Charities Keep 99% of Funds Raised

Nothing But Loves(Love Giver Fundraising Ltd.) always wants to make charities become simple and visible.

Richmond, Canada, July 03, 2016 --( In the opinion of the new charity fundraising site Nothing But Loves, charity donors shouldn't have to see big parts of their donations going towards salaries of big staffs and other administrative costs. Taking a fresh and new approach to helping people get the aid they need, the new platform may change the way people think of charity sites forever.

While most fundraising and crowdfunding sites have good intentions, the hard truth is they deduct significant fees for their services. For charities where every dollar counts this can be a great blow. Fortunately, a new charity platform has recently announced their launch, Nothing But Loves, charging a likely record low fee of 1% simply to maintain operations. Both causes and donors couldn't be more enthusiastic about the news.

“We are purely charity-orientated and have made every effort to keep our overhead costs as low as possible,” commented Ryan Lee, Director of Nothing But Loves. “This combination sets us apart from places like others, and allows us to deliver nearly everything raised, minus a very small 1%. Our mission is to help make the world a better place one project at a time. We're about love not profit.”

According to the platform, they host campaigns covering a wide range of charities, with categories featured including things like children's charities, breast cancer, patient and family support, education, animal related issues, wounded veterans, the homeless and much, much more.

Apart from the next to non-existent fees, Nothing But Loves also has a charity-friendly “no deadline” policy and even offers free Fiverr gigs to users.

Early feedback from users has been very positive.

A.J., from Boston, recently said, “We had an emergency that we were able to quickly bounce back from with the help of Nothing But Loves. I'm not quite sure what we would have done without being able to get assistance in this kind of very effective way. Five stars and fully recommended.”

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