Travellanda Develop Smart Technology Strategy

Leading B2B Travel company creates innovative strategy that revolutionises its technology to ensure faster searching, reduced load and increased conversions for clients.

London, United Kingdom, July 09, 2016 --( Travellanda, a leading B2B global accommodation wholesaler, is committed to driving innovation and in recent years has pushed the boundaries in order to provide the best service to its clients, and at the same time continue to grow financially. The company is constantly looking for problems to solve within the marketplace and its latest strategy is doing just that.

Over the past few years there has been a rise in the amount of meta search and price comparison websites being used by end customers. Because of this, more and more B2B hotel suppliers are finding a much higher amount of searches requested through their systems. For many suppliers, these high volumes can cause major problems. Valuable server bandwidth in such cases and as a result will reduce XML connection speed and ultimately lower the overall conversion rates.

The travel industry is one of the fastest moving industries in the world and companies like Travellanda must initiate better practices to make sure their systems are cutting edge and that the end user is given a fast and efficient service.

Travellanda launched the technology strategy that will dramatically reduce the load it sends to its suppliers at the same time of supporting much higher search volume from its clients. The company says it has the ability to convert a high volume of requests down to a fraction. Thus greatly reducing what it sends to suppliers, but still returning back 100% of all its original requests. It must do this, plus ensure conversion rates are only effected in a positive manner. As an example; if the company receives 5 million searches, it will be able to convert them down to around 100,000.

Travellanda CTO, Saygin Sutcu, said: “The Travel industry is a low margin business and it is constantly evolving. It’s imperative that we, as a company evolve at the same pace. It is not enough to simply build more data centres, or to only improve our cache. This is not solving the problem, we must be more innovative and develop smarter solutions.” Saygin goes on to explain: “Our goal has always been to develop the best booking system in the travel industry and our team are dedicated to do whatever it takes to achieve this. This new strategy will enable our clients to have results returned faster, but it will also greatly benefit our suppliers with less requests without negatively affecting booking volume.”
Robin O'List