Sualiha Rehman Joins HelpITx Team

Karachi, Pakistan, July 25, 2016 --( HelpITx says a warm welcome to Sualiha Rehman for joining their group as a co-creator. Miss Sualiha Rehman, who an year ago finished her graduation from University of Azad And Jammu Kashmir, Mirpur, Pakistan has responded to HelpITx's proposal by begin working in as co-creator of our online journal. She appears to have amazing examination and composing aptitudes so we can expect the increase in quality of our website content together with new thoughts.

HelpITx is fundamentally a tech-website where we share SEO updates and instructional exercises for tech-nerds. Miss Sualiha Rehman is additionally a specialist tech-nerd that makes her ideal for this employment.

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Jari ullah