Florida Accident Attorney, Jim Dodson Creates Helpful Guide on Brain Injuries

Clearwater, FL, July 28, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Florida accident attorney Jim Dodson is pleased to offer a new resource for victims of traumatic brain injuries and their families. “The Layman’s Guide to Brain Injuries: Yes, Concussions are Brain Injuries Too” is an informative guide which describes every aspect of a traumatic brain injury from inception to recovery in easy-to-read language. Attorney Dodson wrote the guide to provide valuable answers to questions brain injury victims and their caregivers have about traumatic brain injuries. He also describes what victims and their families can expect from a brain injury.

The colorful resource illustrates the different types of brain injuries, the lasting effects of severe injuries and the diagnosis process and medical treatment of brain injuries. Over 2.4 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year, but there have been few resources written specifically for victims and their families until now. Attorney Dodson created the brain injury guide based on his experience representing victims of brain injuries sustained in car, pedestrian and bicycle accidents for over 20 years.

“I have seen firsthand how brain injuries affect sufferers and their families. Many times, accident victims have no idea they have sustained a TBI until they’ve seen a doctor several times. After receiving a positive diagnosis, they have many unanswered questions. This guide is dedicated to answering those questions to provide a better understanding of their or their loved one’s TBI,” said attorney Dodson.

Dodson created the brain injury guide with the help of fellow Florida accident attorney, Michele Ross. Attorney Ross observed the debilitating effects of brain injury when her brother was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2008. “My family and I had a hard time understanding all of the medical terminology when my brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. I wish my family had a resource like this back then so we could have had a better understanding of what to expect especially in terms of treatment and behavioral side effects,” said Ross.

Attorneys Dodson and Ross offer a complimentary copy of “The Layman’s Guide to Brain Injuries: Yes, Concussions are Brain Injuries Too” by visiting http://www.jimdodsonlaw.com/reports/the-laymans-guide-to-brain-injuries-free-download.cfm. To further assist brain injury victims and their families, Jim Dodson Law is offering a $1,500 college scholarship. For details about the 2016 Dodson Law Scholarship for Brain Injury Victims and their Caregivers, please visit http://www.jimdodsonlaw.com/library/the-jim-dodson-law-scholarship.cfm.
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