Heading to Vilnius? Try Spark, One of Europe’s Few Electric Vehicle Sharing Services

Vilnius, Lithuania, August 01, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania and the very center of the continental Europe – is now one of the few cities in Europe where you can experience electric vehicle (EV) for a short-term rent. This is now possible by a newly launched EV sharing service Spark.

The fleet of Spark contains 22 Volkswagen e-up! cars, which are shared by tourists and citizens of Vilnius, city with over the half a million population.

Soon, Nissan Leaf and even Tesla cars will be added to the Spark fleet, says Nerijus Dagilis, the CEO of Ride Share, owner of the Spark brand.

By the end of 2016 EVs in Vilnius could be charged in over 40 Spark-operated charging stations. Electrical supply for Spark drivers in Spark chargers is always free.

Vilnius municipality support zero-emissions transport by allowing EVs to drive on bus lanes and to park free-of-charge in Vilnius. However, there are no incentives provided by the Lithuanian government. In addition, electric vehicles in Lithuania are now marked with special license plates so police officers don’t waste time to check if a car on a bus lane is really electric.

It is not surprising that in two months Spark’s customers already drove nearly 100,000 zero-emissions kilometers.

According to N. Dagilis, aside from the growing interest of citizens, tourists are also ready for the EVs. Spark allows easy-to-do registration procedure for foreigners with valid drivers’ licenses. Authorization to book a car via Spark’s mobile app is given in short time after a visitor uploads a photo of his or her license.

Spark services are available via mobile app, with per-minute pricing scheme. It is also possible to rent a Spark electric car for longer periods at approximately € 40 euros per day.

Other EV car sharing services in Europe can be found in France, Finland and Estonia. Yet Spark in Vilnius might be the most attractive for tourists, as service is offered to the Lithuania’s visitors, not only country’s residents.
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