Mobilunity and London Startup Gleat LTD Partner to Bring a New Home Dining Experience

Kiev, Ukraine, July 31, 2016 --( Mobilunity and Gleat’s partnership stems from an understanding of what the current state of the sharing economy lacks; an app that combines the life altering connections made through platforms such as couchsurfing, and the usability of apps. The improved dining app will bring a Genuine Local Eating experience to its users.

Gleat is a dining experience app that connects Users to those willing to open up their homes, their culture, and share the experience that is dining with others. As a strategic move Gleat’s partnership with Mobilunity ensures that the company will be able to develop the application while maximizing their budget, and delivering a robust product set by leveraging Mobilunity’s outsourcing resources.

Mobilunity has been in the market since 2010 and although the company is younger than many of its contemporaries it has been able to make advancements in the current market, saturated with nearshore development firms. With a scope of services that vary from native and hybrid app development, web design and development, and outstaffing services, the company has been able to provide turn key solutions to clients across the globe.

There was a fast turnaround on this project as once the partnership was finalized, Mobilunity was able to correct issues with the existing app within 10 days and on June 9th the Discovery phase for the new app officially started. The Partnership already promises to turn into a fruitful cooperation between the Ukrainian team of developers and Gleat’s UK team of innovators.

When asked what ultimately led to Gleat outsourcing their development to Mobilunity, Gleat CEO and co-founder Mirko Lagattolla answered, “Responsiveness in providing quotes and feeling part of (the) team since the beginning and most importantly, the best quality/price ratio.”

According to Mobilunity’s director of Business development, Alfonsine Williams,

“The company saw this move as an opportunity to expand its reach, and continue its work with startups especially in the conceptually diverse area of London, as we have been a part, and will continue to be a member of the startup community, sponsoring events like #LNT (London New Tech) and attending other events regularly. This move just seemed to make sense to all parties involved.”

Only time will tell if the partnership will be as fruitful as both parties anticipate.

Test the improved dining app on the App Store and Google Play, and to learn more about both companies, check out these videos:

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