Best of Both Worlds: Arbin Instruments Partners with Gamry

Arbin has partnered with Gamry Instruments introducing Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Integration to their Laboratory Battery Tester Products.

Philadelphia, PA, July 31, 2016 --( Arbin Instruments, builder of multi-channel battery testing systems, has announced their partnership with Gamry Instruments. This collaboration introduces EIS integration into Arbin’s new generation of high precision Laboratory Battery Tester products.

The partnerships enables users to pair a single existing Gamry 5000P, 5000E or 1000E Potentiostat multiplexed across 8 or 16 channels of an Arbin LBT system. In turn, users may purchase one of the Gamry EIS Potentiostats with a new LBT system. The EIS measurements are performed automatically without the need of changing connections and channels are automatically queued when requesting EIS simultaneously. This partnership offers an affordable yet high performance solution for the most advanced battery testing requirements.

For more information on the Arbin fully Integrated EIS system, visit or contact a representative at Gamry Instruments by calling +215-682-9330 or visiting

Arbin Instruments was founded in 1991 discovering the need for more accurate, reliable and robust testing systems for electrochemical storage devices with world headquarters located in Texas, USA.

Gamry Instruments was found in 1989, designing and building precision electrochemical instrumentation. Their belief is that instruments should achieve a balance between performance and cost striving for innovative designs. Gamry’s world headquarters is based outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA with distributors and representatives in more than 50 countries.

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