Recycle4U Makes Recycling Glass More Convenient Amid Recent Changes to City Services

Houston, TX, August 03, 2016 --( Recycling in Houston has never been the most convenient process for its environmentally conscious citizens, and when the city of Houston removed glass bottles and jars from their recycling program, they left many residents looking for a new way to easily recycle these materials. Fortunately, Recycle4U provides an alternative solution to the city’s latest woes in recycling.

"The removal of glass from the city’s curbside recycling service has left many Houstonians without an easy solution to properly dispose of their glass bottles and jars,” said Tara Brown-Selders, owner and founder of Recycle4U. “Private recycling collection services, like ours, are here to assist the city, which is why we are proud to offer our monthly glass-only curbside recycling service!”

Recycle4U’s recurring glass-only curbside collection service consists of one pick-up per month plus a big, blue curbside recycling bin. This new service is available to residents in many parts of town including those who live in the Memorial, Galleria, Spring Branch, Washington, Heights, Midtown, Montrose, River Oaks, Rice, Westbury and Meyerland areas of Houston with more communities being added each month. And for businesses that receive city recycling services, Recycle4U offers mini dumpsters and pick-up services for glass bottles.

Recently, the city of Houston partnered with Strategic Materials to help residents recycle their glass materials using centrally located self-service drop-off dumpsters. “This partnership is a great start to solving Houston’s glass recycling needs, and Recycle4U hopes to help through its recurring pick-up option for residents and business that prefer to continue recycling their glass at the curb,” said Brown-Selders.

“Our innate desire to preserve our environment and keep our city clean, brings the city and us together in a powerful and meaningful way. Recycled glass is a versatile and valuable material for many industries, and each are looking to increase the amount of recycled glass they use in their products,” said Curt Bucey, Strategic Materials, EVP Business Development and Industry Affairs. “Working together is the most effective way to maximize glass recycling - our city of Houston, its residents and local businesses like Recycle4U, have the power to impact how those products are made, while also protecting the environment.”

Changes contribute to long-standing recycling struggles for Houston
Houston has long been known as one of the cities with the lowest recycling percentages in the country, with only 9.4 percent of materials being recycled in 2009. Although this rate has increased significantly as the city expanded their single-family home curbside recycling services, Houston still ranks far below other cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, which recycle more than 60 percent of their materials. Even with the city offering several drop-off locations for sorted recyclables, recycling is still a challenge for Houstonians that are excluded from the single-stream curbside recycling program.

"Recycle4U picked up my glass for years and provided great, consistent service! A few years ago my neighborhood began receiving curbside recycling services, which included glass so I no longer needed their help and reluctantly discontinued our service,” said Allison Gower, an excited returning customer. “Now that the city has removed glass from their curbside recycling program, I have renewed my service with Recycle4U. Thank goodness Recycle4U is here to fill the gap and offer glass only curbside collection services!”

To find out more information about the new monthly glass only curbside pick-up service or Recycle4U’s additional collection services, go to, email or call 832-519-8748.

About Recycle4U
Recycle4U is a locally owned recycling company providing recurring collection services to Houston and surrounding areas since 2009. This premier business provides point-to-point indoor and outdoor recycling collection services to both residential and commercial customers. Recycle4U also offers sorted indoor and outdoor recycling containers as well as mail-in recycling kits for batteries and light bulbs, eco-friendly products and subscription services. Recycle4U is committed to making recycling and Going Green easier for everyone.

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