Precision Microdrives Introduces Higher Torque DC Gearmotors for Actuation and Automation Applications

London, United Kingdom, January 18, 2008 --( High torque DC gearmotors from Precision Microdrives capable of delivering effective actuation of medium sized mechanisms opens up the capacity for its use outside miniature consumer devices to vending machines, industrial systems and automation applications.

With an increasing range of projects involving mechanised automation in niche engineering industries, Precision Microdrives has seen a 30% increase in the number of enquiries for high torque miniature gearmotors over the second half of 2007. Applications range from marine devices to industrial process mechanisms where the higher torques (1Nm+) have been required to automate loads equivalent to human strength. Precision Microdrives has responded to satisfy this range of the market with the introduction of several high torque models to the stock range with planetary gearmotors and high torque offset gearmotors.

"Automating processes as a replacement for man-power is nothing new as a concept, but we are finding that the availability of cost effective gearmotors is somewhat thin on the ground. Higher torque DC gearmotors are in demand now and given that motorised automation is here to stay we are seeing more and more interesting situations where we can help", said Tsuyoshi Kihara, Operations Director. The current availability of high power AC drives for industrial applications is often too large and requires complex control systems to effectively implement. It doesn't cater for the every-day automation devices which are growing in numbers. Precision Microdrives aims to offer simple DC solutions which aid the development and manufacture of medium sized automation products.

The highest torque unit currently available is has a capacity of delivering 7Nm. The stock range at Precision Microdrives is still small, but the development of new variants will coincide with the unique demands of new projects and application requirements. Precision Microdrives offers customisation to improve integration to meet the client's requirements for performance, mounting and coupling.

About Precision Microdrives

Recognized as one of Europe's leading suppliers of miniature drive/motion mechanisms, Precision Microdrives can reliably inform, supply and advise at all stages of development, from prototype to production. Customers can expect next day delivery, continuity of stock, comprehensive data, application advice, and top-end customised mechanisms that will add significant value to their products.

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