Mobilization Capital Launches Financing Program for Government Contractors

Details of a new lending program offered by Mobilization Capital that will help contractors to execute on government contracts.

Atlanta, GA, August 05, 2016 --( Mobilization Capital Gov Contract Financing, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a much needed loan program for funding government contractors. With this innovative program, Mobilization Capital funds contractors at the onset of a government awarded contract, enabling them to immediately begin work.

Samir Patel, CEO of Mobilization Capital stated, “Many of the contractors we’ve spoken to appreciate that they now can bid and win contracts without worrying about the start-up capital necessary to get moving on the contract. It’s especially important as we move into the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.”

Towards the end of the fiscal year, government contracting ramps up so that the federal government can finish spending their budget for the year. As a result, there are many opportunities for those interested in pursuing a government contract. Mobilization Capital’s goal is to empower those people to bid on contracts that interest them.

Executing a government contract can be a daunting task with large initial costs resulting in contractors being hesitant to bid on contracts that they could pursue. The government does not usually provide advance funds on a contract and it often takes 30 to 60 days to get paid back. Such a long time period can be hard to endure considering the contractor has to cover labor, supplies, and other operational expenses within days. Mobilization Capital’s loan program provides funds even before the government invoice, thus overcoming these cash flow obstacles.

Mobilization Capital provides short-term loans to give contractors the initial influx of money that they need to avoid paying operation costs out of pocket, helping them reach a point where they can begin receiving payment on their contract.

CEO Samir Patel said, “Now is a great time to bid aggressively on a government contract since the federal government usually has to use up its allotted budget – there are numerous projects for qualified contractors to execute – with us, you can go after it all.”

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