Product Launch: End Pieces for Piezo Actuator Plate Stacks for Easy Integration

Noliac introduces end pieces with a spherical cap for piezo actuator plate stacks. The end piece facilitates integration in the application for the customer.

Kvistgaard, Denmark, August 07, 2016 --( Providing de-coupling and increasing robustness.

The end piece with a spherical cap prevents undesired coupling between subsystems. Cedric Goueffon, Global Sales Manager at Noliac A/S explains:

"For example, if the actuator is driving a flexure-guided stage, the end pieces prevent the actuator from inducing unwanted stress in the flexures, and vice-versa. Adding end pieces to an actuator plate stack also increases the robustness of the actuator, since the stainless steel of the end piece can tolerate higher stress concentrations compared to the ceramic. This end piece is UHV compatible, and finally, the added thickness provided by the end piece is also an effective way of spreading the load on the actuator," Cedric Goueffon ends.

Expanding the options to match customer requirements

The options provided by Noliac are designed to make the integration of the piezo actuators in the specific applications easier for the customers. Noliac is constantly reviewing the options and looking for ways to expand the range in order to offer the most extensive selection of options for the customers.

Product range

At present, Noliac offers the end piece with these 3 square sections: 5x5 mm, 7x7 mm and 10x10 mm. These products are compatible with:

5x5 mm: NAC2003-Hxx, NAC2013-Hxx, NAC6025-Hxx
7x7 mm: NAC2014-Hxx, NAC2021-Hxx, NAC5021-Hxx
10x10 mm: NAC2015-Hxx, NAC2022-Hxx, NAC5022-Hxx

The plate actuator stacks can be found at

Features of the end piece for actuator plate stacks

UHV compatible
Low-magnetic (stainless steel)
Spreads the load
Provides de-coupling
Compact design
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