Friends of Yemin Orde Releases 2015 Annual Report

Annual Report contains financial information and inspiring stories about donors, graduates and dedicated staff, plus honor roll of supporters and complete staff listing.

Bethesda, MD, August 10, 2016 --( Friends of Yemin Orde, the U.S. fundraising arm for Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives in Israel, has released its 2015 Annual Report. The report contains a snapshot of activities, comprehensive financial information, features about donors and graduates, and an honor roll listing of supporters. To view the full report online, visit or to receive a copy, please email

Yemin Orde Youth Village is home, school and safe haven for more than 400 at-risk and immigrant youth from Ethiopia, Former Soviet Union, France, and Brazil as well as teens born in Israel. Most of the Village’s youth have suffered trauma: from isolation and abandonment to extreme poverty and family dysfunction. Yemin Orde’s highly-successful Village Way methodology helps transform troubled teens into leaders who become productive citizens of Israel.

Village Way Educational Initiatives, an independent nonprofit organization, was launched in 2006 to expand the successful Village Way methodology to youth villages and public high schools with high populations of at-risk and immigrant youth. In this way, more educators are empowered to help at-risk students learn, thrive and achieve educational success. Today, VWEI partners with 26 educational communities; by 2020, the Initiatives hope to partner with a total of 56 education frameworks in Israel.

The exceptional academic and extra-curricular programs at Yemin Orde Youth Village are specially designed to meet the individual educational and therapeutic needs of its at-risk youth. The report highlights the wide range of academic and vocational classes that encourage students to strive toward higher achievements in their studies and in their lives following graduation.

“When teens arrive at the Village for the first time, they are generally angry, mistrusting and uncertain about their future,” said Karen Sallerson, Executive Director, Friends of Yemin Orde. “Our annual report reflects the successful impact of the Village Way methodology on the lives of our youth who graduate high school with confidence and high hopes for a productive and satisfying life as citizens of Israel.”

The 2015 report also points to the success of the Village Way Educational Initiatives as it takes great strides toward changing the face of education for at-risk youth in Israel.

“We are pleased that the Village Way model has attracted great attention and is now taught in university settings, including the prestigious Hebrew University,” Sallerson said.

The annual report includes a listing of board members as well as professional staff, in the United States and in Israel. For more information on Friends of Yemin Orde, visit

Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives (VWEI)
Yemin Orde Youth Village is located in the Carmel Forest in northern Israel, just outside Haifa. It is home, school and safe haven to 440 at-risk immigrant youth from Ethiopia, the Former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Brazil and Israel. The youth at Yemin Orde have experienced trauma: from abandonment and isolation to family dysfunction and extreme poverty. With the help of the Village’s successful educational methodology, the Village Way, and its dedicated staff, educators and professionals, at-risk teens develop self-esteem, leadership skills, strong cultural identity and a positive outlook on life. Graduates receive a wide range of services including scholarships and emergency financial support.

Village Way Educational Initiatives (VWEI) extends Yemin Orde’s successful educational methodology, called “the Village Way”, to 26 other youth villages, therapeutic residential communities, and public high schools with high populations of at-risk immigrant youth, including schools in Israeli-Arab communities. VWEI provides its partner communities with a three-year educational framework that includes workshops, teacher training and interventions, thereby empowering educators and positively impacting hundreds more at-risk youth. The goal by 2020, is to partner with a total of 53 educational communities throughout Israel. Today, VWEI and its resources are credited with transforming education for at-risk youth in Israel.
Friends of Yemin Orde
Barbara Sherbill