Animatron Releases Animated Political Set

The set includes over 50 new animated characters, props and backgrounds.

Boston, MA, August 12, 2016 --( Animatron, an online animation maker, has just released a new set of animated political front-runners, figureheads, celebrities, media minds and stereotypes. The set includes over 50 characters, props and backgrounds, all of them strikingly resembling real life figures.

Of the company’s recent release, Animatron CEO Dmitry Skavish said, “We are very excited about this new addition to the Editor. The 2016 US elections have been very controversial so far. We want to give our users an opportunity to express their own opinion on the topic and create videos featuring the season’s political candidates.”

The preparations took several months. The set was designed by an Israeli animator. Other preparations included implementing a new walk-through guide to familiarize users with the set upon opening the Editor.

The new Political Set can be used for creating own animated political cartoons, teaching about politics, history and US elections, as well as creating any other types of visuals, including images, GIFs and videos. The company hopes it will be used by journalists and bloggers as well as seasoned cartoonists when covering the 2016 US election. The company also points out that the set is open for anyone to use and encourages its users to create their own animations with the set.
Olga Bedrina
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