PDI Distributes New HEC Series 3 Through New Yorker Electronics

Power Dynamics New HEC3 Harsh Environment Connector Series Proven in Extreme Conditions

Northvale, NJ, August 17, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Power Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) will be distributing its new HEC Series 3 line of Harsh Environment Connectors through franchise distributor, New Yorker Electronics. These connectors are IP67 while mated and are available with three, four, five or eight contacts.

PDI’s dustproof and waterproof HEC3 series is designed for rugged indoor and outdoor applications, and feature easy-to-use and easy-to-assemble components. The series operates at up to 3A and 125V. They are crafted with durable polyamide and gold- or silver-plated contacts, 24AWG (max).The series operates at up to 3A and 125V. They are crafted with durable polyamide and gold- or silver-plated contacts, 24AWG (max).

The Power Dynamics HEC3 Series has been designed to thrive in almost any condition and environment. From the extreme conditions of outer space to the harsh conditions in commercial wet applications to the refinement that is needed in medical grade equipment, the HEC3 series performs with extreme reliability. The reliability is apparent when these connectors are used on orbiting space satellites where they cannot be refastened once already in outer space. The HEC3’s reliability threshold has to be the absolute maximum when connecting satellite modems. Closer to home, this same level of reliability is put to use in roadway lighting equipment, weather stations and construction equipment. Despite its rugged exterior, it possesses the sophistication for delicate use in medical grade blood analyzers and for oil and gasoline testing, where high reliability is also critical.

PDI also offers two prior series of harsh environment connectors. The original PDI HEC Series consists of a keyed multi-pin configuration that includes three power and four signal plus ground. The contacts are rated up to 20A, 400V UL and 25A VDE with signal contacts 3A, 60Vmax. The mated connectors are rated for immersion beyond 1m (IP68) and protected from steam-jet cleaning (IP69K).

The PDI HEC2 Series that followed is comprised of miniature connectors rated up to 2A, 175V and have eight contacts. The receptacle remains waterproof (IP67) while unmated. The contacts are sealed in a touch-proof design, providing even more protection from debris and rugged use. It also is available in white for use in medical applications. New Yorker Electronics also stocks the HEC Power Contacts and Signal Contacts for these connectors.

HEC3 Features:
• Power: Up to 3A, 125V
• Contacts: 3, 4, 5 & 8
• Wire Gauge: 24AWG max
• Terminal Type: Solder, PC
• Available in black, blue, red and green for ease of mate-ability

HEC3 Applications:
• Satellites
• Roadway Lighting
• Weather Stations
• Construction Equipment
• Agricultural Equipment
• Blood Analyzers
• Oil and Gasoline Testing

Both original series feature bayonet locks for easy locking and unlocking. All are highly resistant to UV rays, chemicals, shock and vibration.

New Yorker Electronics is the franchise distributor of Power Dynamics, Inc. and supplies the full line of HEC connector products as well as Power Dynamics’ complete catalog of interconnect and power products, EMI/RFI filters, IEC 60320 inlets and outlets, battery holders, IEC 60309 pin and sleeve assemblies, motor disconnects and various board level connectors.
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