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Ira Neimark, 17 Year CEO of Bergdorf Goodman, Talks About the Rise of Luxury Retailing on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss

Ridgefield, CT, January 19, 2008 --( Ira Neimark, 17 Year CEO of Bergdorf Goodman, talks about the rise of luxury retailing on The CEO Show with Robert Reiss and the strategic moves that transformed a stodgy clothing retailer into the premier high fashion store in New York. Neimark recounts the challenges that occurred in the retail clothing industry during the emergence of suburban department stores and how by innovating, Bergdorf Goodman revenues rose more than 600% since he took the helm.

Neimark tells Reiss about the new type of customer Bergdorf Goodman wanted to attract. He clearly saw the desired customer as a person who wanted upscale fashions and customer service that provided hospitality and personal, individualized treatment. Neimark knew growth of large suburban retailers meant fewer shoppers would come to the city - and his answer was to create a unique, exciting experience offering the best in high couture and ultimately in men’s fashions. To bring this about, he engaged top clothing designers from France, Italy, and elsewhere into the Bergdorf Goodman environment on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis, fueling substantial business growth.

Reiss and Neimark also discuss Neimark’s book, “Crossing Fifth Avenue to Bergdorf Goodman”, which Reiss describes as a “compelling mix of business savvy and anecdotes.” Reiss notes that the book is filled with content about business strategy and tactics, plus many vignettes about Neimark’s service and friendships with the most elite American, European, and other personalities. More information about his book can be found at:

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The interview with Ira Neimark can be heard on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss, on January 20, 2008 at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time.


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