Dream Big: Dreamscape Networks' Reseller Console Mоrе Powerful Thаn Evеr

Dreamscape Networks revamps reseller console, in response tо feedback frоm customers.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 20, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Dreamscape Networks has unleashed a powerful new reseller console, making it easier than ever for customers to set up and manage reseller accounts.

The leading tech company has listened to feedback from its reseller customers, giving the console a complete rewrite, adding new capabilities and dramatically upgrading its performance.

Dreamscape Networks’ Development Manager, Max Dubovenko, said: “Our reseller console has been completely rebuilt, from the ground up, with a fully-responsive site and a new customer management area, making it significantly faster, and easier to use. The latest updates put Dreamscape’s reseller system head and shoulders above the competition. Now it’s easier than ever to get started as a reseller, this has set Dreamscape apart as a real market leader."

For those unfamiliar with reseller programs, they enable anyone, anywhere to set up as a professional-looking domain, hosting and online solutions provider. This uses a custom-designed storefront of their own, allowing customers to purchase the solutions “white labeled” or in a custom-branded environment to then sell on to their own customers.

One of the biggest changes with Dreamscape’s console is that the revamped and responsive storefront allows reseller customers a new level of freedom, helping them access their account from anywhere – a desktop at home, a laptop in the office or even a tablet on the move – and still enjoy the same seamless experience.

Including a huge number of new features and bug fixes, the ability to add team members has been improved and expanded. Moreover, with this added feature to the revamped console, customers have greater control over their level of access within the system.

Also freshly added is the ability to quickly and easily see recently viewed customers, and an easy-to-understand summary of reseller account activity.

June Hornido, Dreamscape Networks’ Reseller Support Manager, is one of the key people involved in this ambitious project.

“This project was a labour of love for the Dreamscape team, and it’s great to see it become a reality. We’ve listened to our resellers on what they want and what they need, and have brought them some great updates,” Hornido said.

Because, for Dreamscape, improvement is a constant process. The company always welcomes feedback and suggestions from its customers. Resellers are encouraged to contact Dreamscape with any ideas and feedback at dreamscapenetworks.com/contact.

Along with the rebuilt reseller console, Dreamscape has announced their Wholesale marketplace that will provide its professional customers with a world-class platform to manage all their products and services. More information on this new marketplace is expected to follow later this month.

About Dreamscape Networks
Dreamscape Networks is a leading authority in development, specialising in providing simple, innovative and affordable online products and services that change lives.

Dreamscape Networks endeavours to reinforce and expand its operating base through a unique approach. We strive to continuously improve both our customer service and the innovative online products we offer by drawing upon our integrated corporate strength, experience and global network.

With its headquarters found in the heart of Dubai Internet City, conveniently situated amongst some of the world’s most recognised information technology companies. We have offices and data centres strategically placed across Asia, and the rest of the world as part of our ever-growing global expansion.

Technology driven and backed by best in world service, Dreamscape is where business begins.

Among the Dreamscape brands are:
Crazy Domains, the trusted and affordable online service provider with premium service
Aust Domains, the leading Asia-Pacific domain registrar for Australian, New Zealand and Asian domain name registration
Cheap Domains, the global domain registrar that helps casual buyers and domineers to register and manage their domain portfolios.

For further info, just visit the Crazy Domains Singapore homepage at www.CrazyDomains.sg.

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