RDH Global Endorse Electronic Goods Donation and Recycling Support

RDH Global have recently added further endorsement to their support for donating and responsibly recycling old, broken or unused electronic goods.

Brussels, Belgium, August 24, 2016 --(PR.com)-- RDH Global’s staff have for several years already been donating their old or unused mobile phones and tablet devices but the company have recently expanded this service to include computers, laptops and other recyclable electronics, such as microwaves and televisions, etc.

“Our e-waste recycling program has become an important part of our ethical business attitude towards protecting our environment,” said Samuel Hansen, co founder.

“Our business and every facet of modern day living has a reliance upon such items and we feel it only correct to ensure that others less fortunate are given an opportunity to re-use them or for them to be disposed of in a correct and proper manner. The harmful carcinogens found in e-waste is the highest for any waste product and with just a small amount of effort, we can help the environment considerably,” Hansen added.

All of RDH Global’s offices, through a network of regional recyclers who specialize in e-waste, have set up and sponsored an awareness campaign that enables e-waste donations to be collected from private residences.

“Thus far, our e-waste recycling partners have reported an increase of nearly 100% in the amount of e-waste that they are handling. We are very pleased to learn that our efforts are worthwhile and will continue to offer our support,” Hansen concluded.
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