Innovative Solutions – Canadian Medical Cannabis Client Successfully Secures Approval

San Diego, CA, August 12, 2016 --( Innovative Solutions, a microbial and pathogen sanitization specialist for the cannabis industry today announced that one of the Company's Canadian-based clients secured approval for their medical cannabis business application. For this specific client, Innovative Solutions designed, and engineered, the facility air-purification system that provides a “clean” air and surface sanitization system to help them produce quality “clean” medical cannabis products, which was a part of their license application. Approved production for this client began in April of this year.

Gary Mancini of Innovative Solutions commented: "The Canadian market is extremely exciting for us as it provides us the opportunity to help clients meet and achieve the stringent CFU regulations implemented by Health Canada. Our Canadian client has successfully passed Health Canada regulations with their first crop, which is extremely satisfying for us."

About Innovative Solutions:
Innovative Solutions is a microbial and pathogen sanitization specialist in the Cannabis and Indoor growing industry. They have a team of experts that provide innovative and customized solutions that are designed and engineered specifically for each grower’s environment. Innovative Solutions has helped growers effectively manage pathogens, mold, and mildew in their grow rooms providing a clean environment for plant growth and flower development. They have also developed a proprietary process that significantly controls CFU’s on the finished dry marijuana product producing cleaner, safer, better medicine for their customers. Innovative Solutions is currently working with some of the largest Medical Marijuana Growers in the US & Canada and is rapidly expanding its operations in other emerging global markets.

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