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Philanthropic activity in the United States is increasing at a rate of 2.8% per year while the pool of money that makes it possible is growing at a slower rate. helps nonprofit fundraising executives improve their people, processes and performance to enrich their fundraising efforts.

Malabar, FL, August 25, 2016 --( According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics ( there are currently over 1.5 million tax-exempt organizations in the United States including 1,097,689 public charities, 105,030 private foundations, 368,337 other types of nonprofit organizations and as of May 2016, there are an estimated 312,373 congregations.

The economic impact of nonprofits on the US economy is over 5.3% of the GDP and a full 25% of US citizens volunteer at least once per year to carry out these good services.

Charitable contributions by individuals, foundations, bequests, and corporations reached $358.38 billion in 2014, an increase of 7.1% from the revised 2013 estimates and after adjusting for inflation.

Individuals gave $258.51 billion in 2014, an increase of 5.7 percent from 2013 while Foundations gave $50.9 billion in 2012, up just less than one percent from 2011.

Of total giving in 2012:
72% came from individual (living donors)
4% came from corporations (excludes corporate foundations)
8% came from individuals (bequest)
16% came from foundations

These numbers suggest that despite the increase in the number of nonprofit organizations, the pool of money from grant sources has not grown as fast as the demand resulting in greater competition.

"Your fundraising strategy may be leaving money on the table," according to Robert Green of "By addressing the strategic fundraising environment and incorporating process excellence into your fundraising strategy, and professional practices, you can get the funding you need to start or grow your nonprofit organization's service capability." provides nonprofit fundraising and management consulting services at the group and one-to-one level to give your nonprofit fundraising a competitive advantage as well as guidance on how to employ continuous improvement practices to improve the fundraising profession as practiced across the United States.

About the Urban Institute:
The National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) is the national repository of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States. Its mission is to develop and disseminate high quality data on nonprofit organizations and their activities for use in research on the relationships between the nonprofit sector, government, the commercial sector, and the broader civil society.

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