Crowdfunding Campaign Helps Low Income Students Have a Chance to Excel in Math

GraphLock is developing a game changing app to save students and parents the cost and hassle of carrying a calculator while preserving testing integrity.

Coolidge, AZ, August 27, 2016 --( On August 31st, GraphLock will start a campaign through IndieGoGo to build awareness for equality in education and promote their app launch this November. Patrons can donate $5 either to pre-order the app or every $5 donated will fund a free download for a low income student or school.

In response to the increasing opportunity gap in the classroom and the growing popularity of smartphones, Math Professor Mallory Dyer, witnessed many of her students struggling in her classroom due to an inbuilt inefficiency: separate calculators for testing. These calculators that students and parents are forced to buy for algebra, higher math and standardized tests, are bulky, outdated and very expensive – often costing over $100 apiece. With the superior processing power and sleekness that today’s smartphones and tablets have there is nearly no reason for a stand-alone calculator. The only remaining argument is the inability of calculators to access the internet, making them the more secure technology for testing centers. Yet even this point is falling as calculators like the TI-Nspire are becoming testing-illegal as they start to gain internet capabilities.

In an effort to promote equality in education, Mallory Dyer set out to find a secure and affordable solution to end this trend. She created GraphLock, a full-fledged, multi-platform, scientific and graphing calculator app with a testing-safe lockdown mode. What sets this safe mode apart from the competitors is its unique ability to prevent users from accessing other apps aside from an emergency call button. This level of confinement may sound scary to some users but the app has several safeguards. When the app first enters lockdown mode, a duration and unique code is entered and a student joins a session monitored by an authority figure (teacher, parent, or proctor.) Lockdown ends when the time expires or the teacher, parent, or proctor simply unlocks the user from the session. This is the key to a secure environment as teachers can input the duration of the exam or class and create a unique session to keep students from accessing forbidden resources.

The benefits that will come with the integration of this app are enormous.
· Students will not forget their calculators.
· Students will not be forced to spend large amounts of money for testing integrity.
· Students will not be at a disadvantage because they do not have or cannot afford the latest calculator.

With GraphLock everything is secure, fair, and inexpensive, allowing all users excellent computing power through a device they had anyways.

GraphLock’s mission is to create equal conditions that give every student the chance and opportunity to reach their full potential. It is time to revolutionize math education and support students everywhere, one download at a time.

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