FCCI Aim to Reach One Million Students with Summer Internships

Atlanta, GA, August 31, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Business leaders collaborate to mentor college students

At a time when students graduate from college with heavy debts and 40 percent of graduates don't have a job, 16 percent are employed only part time and only 53 percent of graduates found full-time jobs in their field of study, Fellowship of Companies (FCCI) have agreed to mentor college students via a paid ten-week summer intern program called FCCI Fellows. These students will receive practical training and instruction on leading a company, how to develop strategy at the highest level and the student will prepare a proposal for presentation to senior leadership on how to impact the community the company does business in.

High-quality paid internships will be available for selected freshmen, sophomore and junior business students. Several colleges and universities from around the country have committed to participate feeding their students in this new program, including Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, Biola University, Northwestern, University of Georgia, Corban University, Morehouse College, University of Texas, UCLA, and many others. FCCI are now accepting applications for the summer of 2017. They will post summer intern opportunities throughout the states.

“This mentoring program could not be more timely. A recent survey of companies found that a majority – 66 percent – believe that ‘new college graduates are not prepared for the workplace after leaving college.’[2] The quality of what college graduates know has been seriously declining in recent years. We are seeing very bright graduates from well-known universities that know very little of what is practical and thus we can’t hire them. We are very excited about partnering with various campus organizations who has helped us to establish this impactful summer program aimed at mentoring one million students over the next twenty years.

“At a time when students need employment and life experience, the FCCI program with colleges and universities is a very important turn around in bringing greater value to the high cost of education so that young people can do better in work and in life. This bold nationwide initiative is starting in several states across America. FCCI is headquartered in Atlanta where FCCI began in 1977, and students from the summer intern program – FCCI Fellows will be showcased at its global conference on September 18-22nd in Sarasota, Florida,” says FCCI President and CEO Terence Chatmon.

FCCI Fellows registration for interested employers, colleges and students has started online at https://www.fcci.org/nextgen/join-fellows/.

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Terence Chatmon, FCCI President & CEO
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