ETT Reports 2016 is on Track to be a Record Year for Its Dual Drive Compression Business

Dallas, TX, September 01, 2016 --( Installs At Least 30 Units in 2016 Totaling 150,000 HP, Almost Doubles the Horsepower in Operation

Dallas-based Energy Transfer Technologies (ETT), a leader in natural gas compression systems and energy management today announced that 2016 is on track to be a record year for its patented Dual Drive Compression system. ETT has been contracted to install 30 Dual Drive CA Series compression systems totaling 150,000 horsepower, which when brought online will more than double the amount of Dual Drive horsepower in operation to date.

The Dual Drive CA Series features an Ariel compressor powered by a Caterpillar natural gas engine or an electric motor. The unique Dual Drive system allows for a seamless transfer between the two power sources with no loss in throughput. This switching capability can be done remotely, allowing the Dual Drive to achieve an industry-leading 99% runtime.

The Dual Drive allows customers to make operational decisions in a timely manner to maximize both operating costs and profit margins based on market conditions such as fuel costs, demand fee schedules, emissions regulations and maintenance schedules.

“With the current market shift, it is important to consider all of the compression options available when constructing or making changes to facilities,” said David Coker, vice president, ETT Dual Drive. “We feel that our knowledge and expertise of the energy market makes using the Dual Drive compression system the easy choice. We are thrilled to see the growth our company has experienced over the last year, and excited to see the savings our customers experience because of our products.”

About ETT:
ETT is a leader in the compression services industry and provides customers with expertise in power management. ETT received the Texas Environmental Excellence Award in 2009, which is presented by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, on behalf of the Texas Senate and House of Representative in recognition of the use of innovative technology to reduce pollution.
Alexis Daniel